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beauty and the beast teapot name

Disneys Beauty and the Beast The Teapots Tale by Justine Korman Fontes

Justine Korman is the author of over 600 childrens books, including mega-selling adaptations of Disney hits like THE LION KING, plus her original popular GRUMPY BUNNY series for Scholastic.

Justine has been writing all her life. She worked part-time in publishing while earning her B.A. in English Literature, Phi Beta Kappa from New York University. While an editorial assistant at Golden Books, she met her future husband and partner, Ron Fontes, an artist in the Whitman Comics department, who moved on to mighty Marvel Comics.

When Justine started getting freelance writing assignments, Ron pitched in and a childrens book writing team was born! Ron brought visual storytelling, theatre, and history; Justine enthusiasm, humor, and a straight-A attitude.

In 1988, the couple moved to Maine, where they have written everything from beginning readers and novelty books to historical fiction and graphic novels.
Justines hobbies include fitness, juggling, gardening, cooking, and playing the ukulele. She also enjoys making movies with Ron.

The prolific couples goal is to write 1001 childrens books.
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Beauty and the Beast Belle Meets Mrs Potts

This article lists information of fictional characters from Disney's Beauty and the Beast franchise, . When the Enchantress curses the Beast, she is transformed into a teapot. In her Comics orequel comic serial The New Adventures of Beauty and the Beast, she is named Marie; and in Belle's Magical World, she is called Fifi.
Justine Korman Fontes

Mrs. Potts

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is easily one of the greatest and gayest children's movies of all time. The company recently made headlines after deciding to include a single gay character in their latest live-action version. Critics called their inclusion of one gay character groundbreaking — which it was — but as any unhealthy obsessed fan of the movie knows, the original Beauty and the Beas t was rich with queer subtexts and characters or at least, ones we could dream about. Listen: the movie came out hardee-har in Few people were openly queer on television, and certainly not in Disney princess movies.

While the trailers for Disney's Beauty and the Beast sold the live-action remake of the animated classic as a lighthearted musical romp for the whole family , it's actually something far more sinister: a horror movie about household objects terrorizing a captive young woman. To help you sort through the emotional wreckage of seeing your childhood friends become skin-crawling automatons, we've gone ahead and ranked the objects by creepiness. Someone had to. What's the object? A harpsichord Who voices it? Stanley Tucci Why it's creepy: This object wasn't included in the original animated version, so it doesn't have a cuter cartoon analog, which makes it feel a little less grotesque. It probably just exists to sell toys, right?

1. Cogsworth

Potts is a featured article , which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Potts is a supporting character in Disney 's animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. She is the castle 's head housekeeper who was transformed into an enchanted teapot once the Enchantress placed her curse. Potts was the head housekeeper of a spoiled prince 's castle, and the mother of several children, the most notable being Chip , who is found by her side at almost every instant.

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