Budinge and the min min lights

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budinge and the min min lights

Budinge and the Min Min Lights by Uncle Joe Kirk

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Published 25.01.2019

Min Min Lights (Cormac)

The mystery of Queensland’s eerie Min Min lights

The Min Min lights have confounded the people of Western Queensland for a century. Local kids were warned to behave or the glow would get them; Aboriginal people suspected them of being spirits while local legend decreed if the light ever caught up with you, you would surely perish. The sky was clear, the night was cold and there was nothing and no one near. Boulia locals have become accustomed to the weird light that seems to follow people around. Source:News Limited. It moved very slowly to the left and then came back on itself and it went on like this for about 15 minutes.

Harrold A 10 Nov. Free Postage.
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Budinge lived with his grandmother in an old wooden house beside a waterhole, deep in the Australian bush. Each evening Budinge would take his fishing rod to the waterhole. He would sit on his favourite rock and he would fish until bedtime. Budinge lives happily with his grandmother in the bush. The Min Min lights come to naughty children and entice them away from their homes. Budinge watches as another light appears, then the two lights unite to become one. He flees as they come towards him, finally diving into his bed and pulling the covers over his head.

Harrold , Sandi illus. Both these books are beautifully put together with high quality art work, each drawing on stories of Aboriginal culture in the Brisbane area. The Min Min story comes from the dreaming and explains one of the methods that Aboriginal adults used to keep their children safe. The second book is a delightful and interesting tale about the life cycle of the eel as the mother moves from the fresh water into the ocean to lay her eggs and then follows the journey the young eels make back to their waterhole. This tale is well told and informative about an aspect of eels that would be new to many children. The writers and illustrators have worked together to ensure that their cultural heritage is maintained in a meaningful and culturally acceptable manner. The final page in each book presents some brief background notes to provide a context for the stories.

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