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simon and the witch theme

Web of the Witch World by Andre Norton

Norton opens with a pair of really intriguing ideas, but leaves them partially dissected on the slab.

The original Witch World posits a stark equation of female empowerment versus the common good. Witch power can only be retained by celibacy, and a witch diminishes the whole if she does not eventually give up her power and have children. Having Jaelithe retain power after marrying Simon is a cop-out to the theme--she never feels the bite of this sacrifice and the path not chosen--but it raises conflicts familiar to dual-income families. Simon must examine his insecurities about not being the most important thing in Jaelithes life, while Jaelithe in turn examines her first reaction to return to her place in the matriarchy. Theres a suggestion in here that even absent the original stark equation that the career path may be more preferable.

Secondly, and this drives the rest, there is a tidy political conflict brewing, surrounding Loyse and her heredity. The Duke of Karsten wants her back so that he can cement relations with Verlaine and gain both a seaport and access to wealth, but other forces prefer Loyse in a figurehead role and an old enemy is using this whole mess as a blind for its own plans involving Estcarp and the witches. Its all very complicated and I wound up writing it all down in order to follow the chain of circumstances that led Koris and Simon on a rather madcap rescue plan. Loyse is, unfortunately, reduced to a plot token.

Only, of course, for it to be largely irrelevant, which is a risk when trying to cram this much into less than 200 pages. Once Kolders hand is revealed then the political machinations fall away, Simon and Jaelithe reconnect and prove their insecurities to be nothing, and then its time to sneak around the Kolder base and have gunfights. Its as though Norton got to a certain point and decided to cut the Gordian knot with action scenes.
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Kids TV. Home of the trippiest television in the land. And the music! Let the countdown begin Simon and the Witch Last but by no means least, mainly based on the fact that it doesn't have any lyrics, and I generally don't go in for music that doesn't have any lyrics. Phyllis Stein, all up in the place, I know.

Following well-known celebrities as they trace their own genealogical roots has proved to be must-watch television. From the very simple and common family stories to being related to kings and queens of old, WDYTYA never fails to impress. How is that even possible? Anyway, I used to watch this all the time purely for the fact that The Witch in question Elizabeth Spriggs was just so funny. Its your standard kids entertainment from that time but with a little added magic. One of those fillers for when Going Live!

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Simon and the Witch was a children's comedy television programme from which used to be on just after school. Simon Hugh Pollard was a boy who knew a witch Elizabeth Spriggs with hilarious consequences. Twenty five, fifteen minute episodes of Simon and the Witch were produced in total between and Log In Sign Up. You need an account to continue

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