The eagle and the lion

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the eagle and the lion

Your Mind and How to Use It: A Manual of Practical Psychology by William Walker Atkinson

Comprehensive overview of the basics of psychology--with some practical tips for self improvement. The content is overall a little dated. For example, the advice on cultivating good habits seems amusingly uninformed given the vast body of work thats been done on how to form and maintain good habits since Atkinson wrote his manual. But the breadth still makes this title a good starter for folks wanting to better understand how their minds work and perhaps gain a foundation that will help ground newer research in everything from management psychology to behavioral economics.
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The Power of ATTITUDE - A powerful motivational speech by Dr. Myles.

The Eagle and the Lion

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About Lion and the Eagle

Most of us are likely familiar with the parallel which has often been noted between the four Gospel Accounts and the four living creatures in the opening vision of the prophet Ezekiel Ezekiel The lion symbolizes supreme strength, kingship; the man, highest intelligence; the ox, lowly service; the eagle, heavenliness, mystery, divinity. It needs all four aspects to give the full truth. As Sovereign He comes to reign and rule. As servant He comes to serve and suffer.

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