Katniss and peeta in the chariot

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katniss and peeta in the chariot

The Hunger Games - Did anyone else ask themselves this question???? Showing 1-20 of 20

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what does cinna tell katniss and peeta to do before their chariot pulls out of the training center?

All rights reserved. She's also been scrubbed clean and had her nails done. The only thing they've left the same is the braid her mother had arranged. The last remaining hairs are plucked clean by her prep team Octavia, Flavius, and the aforementioned Venia — all decked out with crazy hair and dyed skin , and they call in her head stylist, Cinna. Cinna arrives and Katniss is impressed with how normal and attractive he looks. His voice lacks the affected accent most people have in the Capitol.

The movie wisely, we thought omits any voice-over narration, leaving the emoting to Jennifer Lawrence, and, for the most part, she handles it beautifully. Which maybe she was, a little, but still! Though he sobers up later on in the book when he realizes Peeta and Katniss might actually have a chance at winning, he remains an incorrigible asshole to Katniss. Katniss recognizes her because she was also in the forest outside District 12 when the girl was captured, and she feels guilty that she did nothing to help. None of this is in the movie.

Katniss is in the Remake Center, getting her body scrubbed and waxed and her nails polished.
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District 12's black market is called what?

Before entering the Training Center for the first time, tributes for the Hunger Games are required to ride chariots in a procession through the Capitol. This was also the first time the Capitol audience would see the tributes in person, and it would give them an idea of what to expect from each district 's competitors. To show their approval, the audience would cheer for the tributes they liked, sometimes even throwing small objects in admiration in her first parade, Katniss Everdeen caught a rose thrown by an audience member.

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Post a Comment. Which Hunger Games trailer is your favorite??? How to do a Prim Braid. Before the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss twirling in her interview dress Peeta: The male tribute, portrayed by Josh Hutcherson.

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