Story and discourse in the analysis of narrative

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story and discourse in the analysis of narrative

Story and Discourse: Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film by Seymour Chatman

Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film. For the specialist in the study of narrative structure, this is a solid and very perceptive exploration of the issues salient to the telling of a story-whatever the medium. Chatman, whose approach here is at once dualist and structuralist, divides his subject into the what of the narrative (Story) and the way(Discourse)... Chatmans command of his material is impressive.
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The Metaphysics of "Narrative Structure"

story (What is told?) narrative. discourse (How is it told?) For analysis, these two levels need to be further subdivided. Story. The story consists of events (things.
Seymour Chatman


This article is concerned with the study of appraisal of a foreigner who worked in Indonesia. The aim is to find out some personal feeling of working in Indonesia. An Australian who worked in Indonesia during some period of time was the main respondent. There are three episodes of conversation through the internet chat, namely Yahoo Messenger between the writer and the respondent. The conversation transcript was used as the data.

By focusing on two case studies from the Swiss cultural and creative industries sector, narrative praxes, practices and practitioners of entrepreneurial storytelling in project- and organizational development are outlined. Story-making and story-telling about a curatorial, innovative, entrepreneurial, strategic, collaborative and knowledge-driven design process generate entrepreneurial narration, design, networks and organization-specific discourse. This interplay is suggested as the basis for the entrepreneurial story and value creation that shape the narrative identity of projects, organizations and enterprises. Implications are discussed to guide future comparable research for the emerging field of entrepreneurial storytelling. In view of the development and transfer of new tools and formats for teaching, coaching and consulting, first applications for professionals are argued. It does not focus on tradition or purpose-oriented organizations which provide for the satisfaction of needs or ensure that the interests of people are preserved.

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These terms refer, then, to the basic structure of all narrative form. Story refers, in most cases, only to what has to be reconstructed from a narrative; the chronological sequence of events as they actually occurred in the time-space or diegetic universe of the narrative being read. The closest a film narrative ever comes to pure story is in what is termed " real time. One example occurs at the end of the Odyssey Book XXIII, pages ; Odysseus here presents the story of his adventures to Penelope in almost pure "story" form, that is, in the chronological order of occurence. Stories are rarely recounted in this fashion, however. So, for example, when the Odyssey actually begins, we do not find ourselves at the chronological start of the story but in medias res , when Odysseus is about to be freed from the isle of Calypso which actually occurs nearly at the end of the chronological story which Odysseus relates to Penelope on p.

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