The snake and the mirror summary

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the snake and the mirror summary

The Snake Who Came to Stay by Julia Donaldson

The Snake Who Came to Stay. Julia DonaldsonJulia Donaldson

The snake who came to stay- Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson highlights the issues of taking responsibility and maintaining it in the children’s book “The snake who came to stay”. Polly decides to set up a holiday home for her friends and neighbours, taking on the role of looking after the animals as the owners go on holiday. She cleverly advertises her new venture with a sign on the front gates stating “Polly’s Holiday Home- Holidays for pets”.
The first to arrive to Polly’s Holiday Home were Bill and Ben, Katie’s guinea pigs, who were happy to eat the grass in Polly’s garden as they stayed in their hutch. As soon as they were hungry, Polly could hear them “oooeeek” from the house. After the arrival of Bill and Ben, Charlie arrived. He was Mrs McNair’s black mynah bird. Polly kept him in the kitchen where he liked to stay so he could talk to everyone and also imitate sounds. Polly then took the responsibility of looking after the goldfish in the pond next door. She would check on them and fill the pond with more water if there was no rain. Finally, Doris arrived. The snake belonged to Jack and she stayed in a warm tank just in the kitchen beside Charlie.

Looking after so many pets meant that the sounds seemed to rise in the household, which was something Polly’s mum couldn’t bear. Charlie kept singing and Bill and Ben’s “oooeeek” could be heard in the house. But Doris the snake was very quiet. Polly received postcards from Mrs McNair and Jack, which she eagerly showed the animals. She placed Doris’ postcard into her tank but heard a loud “oooeeek” sound. Polly rushes to the garden and notices the guinea pigs are fine, realising that Charlie has begun to copy their squeals.
She then hurries to check on Charlie, amused by her new behaviour.

However, her amusement is short lived as she realises she has left the top off Doris’ tank and Doris is now missing. Donaldson portrays the anger of Polly’s mum in a very realistic manner and presents Polly’s worry on losing the snake effectively. As time goes on, each of the animals are sent on their way back to their owners, but Doris is still nowhere to be found. Eventually Doris is found by the pond, resembling the hose pipe she needed to fill the pond with. The story ends on a bright note as Polly is left with a surprise of four baby guinea pigs, being able to keep one of them.

Donaldson points out to young readers how difficult it can be to take responsibility of other’s property and the problems that can occur if not careful. She divides the story into seven chapters, making it easy to read which is why I would suggest it is a good book for independent reading. It would be suitable for children around the ages of 5-7.
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Post a Comment. Class 9Th English Summary. In the first stanza the narrator is a mirror and in the second stanza, it is a lake a reflecting surface which acts like a mirror. In this poem, a mirror describes its existence and its owner, who grows older as the mirror watches. The mirror says it spends most of its time looking at a pink wall across from it.

He often admired his reflection in the mirror and thought of ways to look more handsome. He was a bachelor and wanted to look handsome.
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Summary and Explanation of The Snake and the Mirror (Character Sketch and Quick Revision Notes)

Alok have explanation complete Chapter The Snake The Snake and the mirror is a very very hilarious and funny story. It's about a doctor who lives in a rented apartment and get the snake in his house and how he This is a demo of our video lecture. This video will help the students to understand the Lesson very easily. This English video for class 9 about the story which was told to him by a homeopathic doctor from the chapter The Snake And The Mirror and will let you This video explains the lesson 'The snake and the mirror' in very simple Hindi language.

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He gives live classes on Skype and Facebook. His Contact number is 91 SCERT Post Views: 6, Questions and Answers Under what circumstances did the doctor live in a rented room? Although he was a doctor, his earnings were not very good.

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