Where did the expedition of lewis and clark end

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where did the expedition of lewis and clark end

Lewis and Clark Expedition: A History From Beginning to End by Hourly History

Lewis and Clark Expedition
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The exploration of North America was the undertaking of adventurers. Typically, these adventurers were enthusiastic young men accustomed to hard living, unforeseen twists and turns in their venture, and many adversities. These traits characterize the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition of the early nineteenth century.

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This is a tale of forging into unknown territory, encountering indigenous people of various tribes, discovering plant and animal life never seen before, and most importantly, it is a story of laying claim to it all for the young nation of the United States of America. The story unfolds over more than two years, and the results were instrumental in building a nation from sea to sea.
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Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Expedition 1804 from Mississippi to Pacific A History

Lewis and Clark Expedition , —06 , U.
Hourly History

Start of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis: Persona Secretary to Pres. The huge part of the land west of the Mississippi River was completely unknown to Americans and needed to be examined first before it could be settled. President Jefferson decided to send an exploratory expedition west so he appointed his own private secretary, Meriwether Lewis as a Commander in charge of the expedition and finding appropriate guides for it. Lewis invited his former superior officer from the Army, William Clark, to be his Co-commander. Their mission was to explore the unknown territory, establish trade with the Natives and affirm the sovereignty of the United States in the region. One of their goals was to find a waterway from the US to the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis chose William Clark as his co-leader for the mission. The excursion lasted over two years: Along the way they confronted harsh weather, unforgiving terrain, treacherous waters, injuries, starvation, disease and both friendly and hostile Native Americans. Nevertheless, the approximately 8,mile journey was deemed a huge success and provided new geographic, ecological and social information about previously uncharted areas of North America. Meriwether Lewis was Virginia-born in but spent his early childhood in Georgia. He returned to Virginia as a teenager to receive his education and graduated from college in He then joined the Virginia state militia — where he helped to put down the Whiskey Rebellion — and later became a captain in the U.

All rights reserved. On a gloomy December afternoon in , a boat crept along the banks of the Mississippi River and landed at the mouth of the Wood River in what is now the state of Illinois. A group of men climbed out and began to set up camp under a dark canopy of oak trees. Suddenly a violent storm moved in, pelting the area with snow and hail. Among these men were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, co-leaders of an expedition tasked with exploring land that the United States had recently acquired. When Thomas Jefferson became the third president of the United States in , the country basically stopped at the Mississippi River. France controlled much of the land to the west of this waterway.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition from May to September , also known as the Corps .. He did not attempt to make a secret of the Lewis and Clark expedition from Spanish, French, and British officials, but rather . As tensions increased, Lewis and Clark prepared to fight, but the two sides fell back in the end.
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Lewis And Clark Expedition Facts

23rd March 1806: The Lewis and Clark Expedition begins its return journey

After reaching the Pacific Ocean in November , the corps established Fort Clatsop, near present-day Astoria, Oregon, as its winter quarters. Then, on March 23, , the weary explorers headed for home and St. The expedition separated into two parties near today's Lolo, Idaho, to explore the country more thoroughly on the return trip; the groups would be apart for more than a month. During that time, Lewis' company was attacked by Blackfoot warriors, two of whom were killed in the fighting, the expedition's only bloodshed. Shortly afterward, the half-blind private Pierre Cruzatte mistook Lewis for an elk and shot him in the thigh. By the time Lewis was reunited with Clark, his leg was nearly mended. Reaching St.

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  1. The triumphant return of the Lewis and Clark expedition. original members of the corps, had helped organize the expedition's first winter camp near St. Louis.

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