Yamada kun and the seven witches noa

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yamada kun and the seven witches noa

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Vol. 6 by Miki Yoshikawa

TRAUMA DRAMA: Yamada and the members of the Supernatural Studies Club have been tasked with keeping problem-child Noa Takigawa and her lackeys in line. However, Noa is no ordinary student-shes a witch-and its up to Yamada to figure out her power. Yamada will use his brawn and (not so) clever tactics to discover Noas power and end her hell-raising, but with her unconventional ability and devoted followers, it wont be easy! Can Yamada stop Noa before she causes more chaos at Suzaku High?
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Yamada kun and the Seven Witches full episode 12 english subbed labelhqs.org4

Ryu Yamada (山田 竜 Yamada Ryū) is the titular character and main for Urara which he realized during the hunt for the first set of the seven witches. Noa teases Ryu, leading him to asks her if she wants a kiss, filled with confidence. Noa.
Miki Yoshikawa

Witch Locating

Handicrafts Club Student Council. Student Witch Killer Development Department worker. Supernatural Studies Club. Yamada has spiky teal hair and blue eyes. He is often seen with a small, silver hooped earring in his left ear. Since the scenes are usually taken place in school, he wears his school uniform with his sleeves rolled up.

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Witch Ryu's Spotter. She originally had the Retrospective power. Noa is a petite girl with red eyes. She has light blue hair tied into two loose pigtails with ribbons. She has a slender frame with a less noticeable bust. She wears Suzaku High Girls Uniform, consisting of a white collar shirt with a red and black-striped bow, and a gray plaid skirt with red stripes. The sleeves of her shirt appear to be overly long and are usually shown covering the palms of her hands, leaving only her knuckles and fingers visible.

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  1. Noa Takigawa (滝川 ノア Takigawa Noa) is one of the seven witches of Rika's set, prior to her power being removed. She originally had the Retrospective power.

  2. This power allows the user to find the locations of the witches and witch killers with stolen or copied powers from the seventh witch's set. Noa Takigawa Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo Manga: Chapter , Page 10 The Seven Witches.

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