The knight and the rose

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the knight and the rose

The Knight and the Rose by Isolde Martyn

He is her only means of escape…Lady Johanna FitzHenry is trapped. Her arranged marriage to Sir Fulk de Enderbya veteran of the wars against Robert the Brucekeeps her tethered to this brutal man, who sees her only as a means to her father’s fortune. But now a daring scheme offers her a slim, but precious, chance at freedom: a complete stranger who, for his own desperate reasons, is willing to swear to the court that she was wed to him first...

…But who is he?

Though the ploy goes according to plan, her mysterious rescuer leaves many questions unanswered. He is a tall, attractive man who goes by the name of Gervase de Laval and claims to be a poor scholar. But Johanna’s attempt to discover the true identity of her hired husband will sweep her into the highest echelons of the English courtand into a dangerous passion she has never known before…
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The Dark Knight - Kiss From A Rose

First - I like that she ended this choosing Mike. She wanted to have a normal life. That doesn't change that David was in her heart, but she had Mike who loved her and accepted that she would never fully get over him.
Isolde Martyn


Isolde Martyn. If you like historicals with a lot of attention to detail and a real sense of the period, this very well may be just the book for you. Joanna FitzHenry is married to the loathsome Sir Fulk de Enderby and desperate for a way out — any way out. She is willing to take religious vows or even do away with herself if necessary rather than be raped or beaten by him again. But her mother, Lady Constance, comes up with an alternative to perpetual chastity or suicide. She suggests that they find a man who will be willing to testify before an ecclesiastical court that he married Joanna two years ago, well before her marriage to Sir Fulk. Such an assertion, if accepted, would nullify her marriage and set Joanna free.

A medieval romance set to rock songs sounds a bit silly on paper. Apparently there is a plot. Unfortunately there is a script. Loads of dialogue, in fact, written in cod olde fashioned language, overwrought to the point of nonsense, a wonky patchwork of quotes from Chaucer, Shakespeare and Byron with added thees, thous and thithers. The setting is notionally medieval — stone effect painted clumsily onto the wobbly set — as a group of knights fights a rival kingdom and tries not to die so that their pining princesses can marry them.

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Given the laws that entitle him to do so, Johanna's only chance at freedom is to find a man to claim in court that she married him first. -





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  1. About the book Author's notes Read an excerpt Inspired by a medieval court case, The Knight and the Rose interweaves fact and fiction into a rich and vibrant tapestry of love, betrayal and political intrigue.

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