The time machine hg wells questions and answers

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the time machine hg wells questions and answers

The Time Machine — Reader Q&A

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The Time Machine by H.G. Wells (Book Summary and Review) - Minute Book Report

The Time Machine Questions and Answers

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about The Time Machine , please sign up. Answered Questions Ok, I would like to read this book, but I want to know if it's in old English? I will read it either way, but before I start I'd just like a heads up. Alison Killilea It's a very easy read, although an obvious Victorian era voice, I think.

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Reader Q&A

The Time Machine: Chapters Ever wondered about the story behind the time machines? These awesome the time machine quizzes online will give you surprising answers and challenge what you already know as a bibliophile. What better way to test your knowledge than some awesome the time machine quizzes? Test yourself and share these the time machine quiz with your friends and peers to find out who among you is the enlightened bookworm quiz champ! Prepare for an upcoming test, or even get new recommendations with these the time machine quizzes.

All rights reserved. The ending of The Time Machine is notably ambiguous, with the Time Traveller disappearing and the unnamed narrator listing some possibilities for where ahem, when he went. Why do you think Wells wrote such an ambiguous ending? Why does the unnamed narrator get the last word? And how do you react when his last word is sort of optimistic? Some authors have written sequels to The Time Machine , with wildly different stories. In one, the Time Machine is used to get to Mars.

What color are the Time Traveler's eyes? What academic subject is based on misconceptions, according to the Time Traveler? Which character is described by the following: "an argumentative person with red hair"? Which of the characters says that he has never heard of the Fourth Dimension? With which institution is Professor Simon Newcomb affiliated? Which battle does the Psychologist mention, when the men speak of traveling in history to see past battles?

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