Lady and the tramp storyline

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lady and the tramp storyline

Lady and the Tramp by Teddy Slater

This story is one of Disneys classics, and children love stories about animals. Lady went on an adventure when she met Tramp, and they also saved the baby from a rat. Tramp found a home and at the following Christmas not only was the baby there, but puppies, too. This story tells a tale of friendship, when things dont look so good, you meet someone that can help you get through the situation. The illustrations are colorful and children could tell the story through the pictures.

Learning Experience:
When Lady was out on her own and she encountered some dogs she didnt know she was scared and ran away. It is important for children to know the safe way to approach a strange dog. To start this activity ask the children how many dogs they know, are they afraid of dogs, and has a dog ever scared them. Let the children know not to run or scream with excitement when they see a dog. This activity can be done with a dog stuffed animal, this way children will be familiar with the steps on approaching a new dog. This process is according to the American Kennel Club.
1.) Ask owner permission to touch dog. 2.) Curl hand in a fist and offer back of hand to the dog. 3.) Allow dog to smell you. 4.) Pet dog gently under chin. 5.) Thank the owner.
For more safety information about dogs go to
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Lady and the Tramp Read Along Story book - Lady and the Tramp Read Aloud Story Books for Kids

Lady and the Tramp

Lady was a cocker spaniel who came to live with two people called Darling and Jim Dear. She had two neat feeding bowls of her own. She had a basket with a blanket of her own, too. But she trained her people to feed her from the table- just a bit now and then. And she trained them to let her sleep at the foot of their beds.

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Lady grows up and enjoys a happy life with them and a pair of dogs from the neighborhood, a Scottish Terrier named Jock and a bloodhound named Trusty. Meanwhile, across town by the railway, a friendly stray silver mutt, referred to as Tramp , dreams to live in a home, be it begging for scraps from an Italian restaurant or protecting his fellow strays, a Pekingese named Peg and a bulldog named Bull , from the local dogcatcher. At one point, Lady sees a big, sinister-looking rat trying to sneak into the yard and chases it away. Later, Lady is saddened after Jim Dear and Darling begin treating her rather coldly. Jock and Trusty visit her, and determine that the change in behavior is due to Darling expecting a baby.

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