Self concept and self image

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self concept and self image

Self Concept Quotes (48 quotes)

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Published 21.01.2019

The Psychology of Self Esteem

Self-image, self-concept, and self-identity revisited.

Self-concept is the image that we have of ourselves. How exactly does this self-image form and change over time? This image develops in a number of ways but is particularly influenced by our interactions with important people in our lives. Self-concept is generally thought of as our individual perceptions of our behavior, abilities, and unique characteristics. It is essentially a mental picture of who you are as a person.


Self-concept is our personal knowledge of who we are, encompassing all of our thoughts and feelings about ourselves physically, personally, and socially. Self-concept also includes our knowledge of how we behave, our capabilities, and our individual characteristics., What is meant by self-concept and self-image?

Observation, research, experimentation, and verification are the foundational processes giving rise to principles. Principles imply fundamental truths upon which rest knowledge, learning, and teaching. Knowledge and principles are memorialized by and disseminated through words. The denotative word meanings must be agreed upon in order that principles and knowledge can be formally written and spoken. In this way, the structure of scientific information can be built. Three significant psychological terms failing to meet these criteria are self-image, self-concept, and self-identity.

One's self-concept also called self-construction , self-identity , self-perspective or self-structure is a collection of beliefs about oneself. Self-concept is distinguishable from self-awareness , which refers to the extent to which self-knowledge is defined, consistent, and currently applicable to one's attitudes and dispositions. Self-concept is made up of one's self- schemas , and interacts with self-esteem, self-knowledge, and the social self to form the self as whole. It includes the past, present, and future selves, where future selves or possible selves represent individuals' ideas of what they might become, what they would like to become, or what they are afraid of becoming. Possible selves may function as incentives for certain behavior.

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