Difference between intelligent and brilliant

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difference between intelligent and brilliant

Brilliant Quotes (99 quotes)

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Published 21.01.2019

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Smart and intelligent are two adjectives that are often used to describe clever and bright people. Many people think that all these adjectives such as smart, intelligent, clever, bright, brainy, witty, etc.

Genius, talent, intelligence: What's the difference?

We live in a society that values efficiency and results, where it seems that only the most intelligent can succeed. However, only wise people achieve genuine happiness. This is because they have strong values to guide them. Also, because they try to do the right thing and are optimistic. Of course, that raises some questions. Of course it can, but there are also different types of intelligence. Well, intelligence and wisdom need to be broken down and analyzed to gain a clearer and useful understanding.


All their life and cardinal points revolve around the book. But intelligent people can navigate the world with ease. You will make a wailing wailer out of a brilliant person if you lock him up but put an intelligent person in the same room and he will find the keys to the door. Intelligent people are always very creative. They can spin something out of nothing but brilliant people are like a programmed robot. Brilliant people read blog posts and sink ideas.

Some people may feel that smart and clever are the same. But I think most consider smart people to be those with strong intelligence and the ability to make use of it. Whereas clever people are witty and know how to work around difficult situations in ways not ordinarily thought of. Both have their virtues. Smart people are necessary when you have complicated situations to work out carefully over time.

Please mature respond are needed here please. Brilliance is the quality in knowledge. Intelligence is the quantity in knowledge. For example, Who betrayed Jesus?

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  1. Intelligence is the quality of a being to be very smart and well-informed. On the other hand, Brilliance is the quality of a being to be very clever.

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