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good witch and bad witch

Good Witch, Bad Witch: Sweet Spells and Dark Charms by Gillian Kemp

What can you do if your best friend is going after your lover? Want to cast a bewitching spell on your crush? Gillian Kemp -- clairvoyant and author of The Love Spell Box and the bestselling The Good Spell Book -- has conjured up another sure success in Good Witch, Bad Witch, which lets you revel in delicious devilment against your enemies or weave good white magic around you and your loved ones.Like The Love Spell Box, Good Witch, Bad Witch consists of a colorful and whimsically illustrated box inside of which is a small spell book complete with full-color illustrations and a deck of 52 full-color cards. The book details charms and hexes, which can be used on their own or, to cast a stronger spell, in conjunction with the cards.
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GOOD WITCH OR BAD WITCH? 🧙🏻‍♀️ // The Sims 4: Realm Of Magic #1

Title: Good Witch, Bad Witch. Original title: The Good Witch's Family. Format: two hours, HD. Starring: Catherine Bell (BRUCE ALMIGHTY, J.A.G, ARMY WIVES).
Gillian Kemp

Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch: The Difference Between Black Magic And White Magic

I sometimes say it to myself before I go to sleep, like a prayer. Still, on the 80th anniversary of the movie that made the Wicked Witch famous , I find myself more drawn to her pastel counterpart, Glinda the Good Witch of the North. She was arguably the first American pop-culture figure to prove that, despite their reputation for diabolical antics, witches could be benevolent beings. In all her rosy-pink goodness, Glinda was literally and figuratively a witch of a different color and an unlikely feminist force. It can be easy at first to dismiss the Good Witch as frivolous when compared with her nemesis. In Oz, prettiness and virtue are conflated, and Glinda is the fairest of them all. Billie Burke, the year-old actor who played Glinda, also prized beauty, and some of her opinions on the matter come across as retrograde today.

We see this basic dichotomy through all of existence — light vs. The reality is that energy itself has no delineation. The difference comes from where a person draws their power and inevitably how they use it. We would add a disclaimer on this post noting that understanding any form of magic is far more complex than what any article covers completely: This is just an overview that puts some things in perspective. The history of magic is long and culturally diverse. It is here that Christianity began taking root and giving magic a bad name they had good PR. When Christianity mixed and mingled with earlier forms of the Craft odd things happened.

In many of the original myths and legends, spirits and monsters are not explicitly said to be good or evil. Often, they're just mischievous or powerful with a weird sense of humor, and reasonable people give them lip service but otherwise leave them alone. After centuries of modifying , demonizing and adapting the stories, sometimes certain terms became associated with certain deeds. Sometimes this is a simplification to appeal to or educate young audiences, who supposedly require clear morality in characters. A modern story can get some cred by reverting the depiction to the ambiguous original , although it's possible to annoy an audience who isn't familiar with that or in some cases is too familiar with that. More commonly, the moral implications of the term are so indoctrinated that a story using it may invent a new piece of jargon or qualifier to imply "goodness" and "badness". For example, white witches and fairy godmothers are considered different from "bad" witches , even though they do the same things in a general sense.


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  1. Very rarely am I asked if I practice white magic or black magic, which is a good thing because I really don't like having to give an answer.

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