Style lessons in clarity and grace 9th edition

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style lessons in clarity and grace 9th edition

Style: Toward Clarity and Grace by Joseph M. Williams

This acclaimed book is a master teachers tested program for turning clumsy prose into clear, powerful, and effective writing. A logical, expert, easy-to-use plan for achieving excellence in expression, Style offers neither simplistic rules nor endless lists of dos and donts. Rather, Joseph Williams explains how to be concise, how to be focused, how to be organized. Filled with realistic examples of good, bad, and better writing, and step-by-step strategies for crafting a sentence or organizing a paragraph, Style does much more than teach mechanics: it helps anyone who must write clearly and persuasively transform even the roughest of drafts into a polished work of clarity, coherence, impact, and personality.

Buy Williamss book. And dig out from storage your dog-eared old copy of The Elements of Style. Set them side by side on your reference shelf.—Barbara Walraff, Atlantic

Let newcoming writers discover this, and let their teachers and readers rejoice. It is a practical, disciplined text that is also a pleasure to read.—Christian Century

An excellent book....It provides a sensible, well-balanced approach, featuring prescriptions that work.—Donald Karzenski, Journal of Business Communication

Intensive fitness training for the expressive mind.—Booklist

(The college textbook version, Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace, 9th edition, is available from Longman. ISBN 9780321479358.)
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Style: Write powerful, elegant sentences. 1-9

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Quick tip: When you start revising a longer piece of work, look first at those passages that were hard to write because you didn't fully understand your ideas. We all tend to write badly when we are not sure about what we want to say or how to say it. Think of the meaning of the sentence, then try out these patterns. Readers want actions in verb, but even more they want characters as their subjects. We give readers a problem when for no good reason we do not name characters in subjects, or worse, delete them entirely. So the first principle of a clear style is this: Make the subjects of most of your verbs short, specific, and concrete-- the main characters in your story.

Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, 9th Edition. Joseph M. Williams, University of Chicago. © |Pearson | Out of print. Share this page. Style: Lessons in.
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Engaging and direct, Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace is the guidebook for anyone who wants to write well. Williams Why have thousands of college writers loved—and learned from—this book? Listen to what Joseph Williams has to say:. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: new.

There is certainly no shortage of handbooks on writing, many of them packed with theory, description, rules, and perhaps some examples of good writing. What most lack is directions for improving bad Everything was goodfair price prompt delivery.. The book was a gift and was appreciated by my daughter. Style : Toward Clarity and Grace. Joseph M.

You have to take your apprenticeship in it like anything else. To avoid changing the title of past editions, I added material under the headings of epilogue, appendix, and afterword, creating a hodge-podge of a book. In the interest of straightening out this disorder, I've turned the two epilogues into lessons and put them before the lesson on ethics. I have also made substantive changes. I have replaced the ethi- cal analysis of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address with an analysis of the Declaration of Independence. In this new analysis, I make the same point I did about the Second Inaugural: We should under- stand how gifted writers manipulate the language of their argument and thereby our responses to its logic and substance, and consider the ethical implications of that manipulation. I have added new material.

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