Russian sports restoration and massage

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russian sports restoration and massage

J.D. Robb - In Death Books: Visions in Death (Spoiler Zone) Showing 1-22 of 22

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Sports Massage with Arnaud Domange - Improving Shoulder Flexibility

Russian Sports Restoration and Massage

Russian Sports Restoration and Massage consists of a compilation of translated articles dealing with the methods used by athletes to recover after workouts. The method used range from sports massage, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, nutrition and electrotherapy. How and when some of these methods should be used is explained in detail. In addition, some of the restorative methods are specific to athletes in different sports as well as to the type of workouts that the athletes may have experienced. The guidelines are very specific and can serve as a guide for how you can apply some of these methods in your training or with your team.

The faster the recovery, the harder, longer and more frequent training can occur. In this fascinating book you will learn about the best methods of recovery and how to implement them.
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For decades, the rivalry between two world superpowers played out where sports and politics intersected. Dominating the geo-political landscape for the second half of the twentieth century, the Cold War was fought not on battlegrounds, but on basketball courts and hockey rinks, wrestling mats and chess boards, in stadiums all around the world.

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