Types of black and white rabbits

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types of black and white rabbits

The Rabbits Wedding by Garth Williams

Ah, once-controversial picture books! This sweet, gently-told and illustrated depiction of idyllic love and marriage was once attacked for its interracial pairing of a black rabbit and a white one. (For all I know, there are still people who object to it for this reason.)

Williams, when confronted with being a promoter of miscegeny, said he was completely unaware that animals with white fur, such as white polar bears and white dogs and white rabbits, were considered blood relations of white beings. I was only aware that a white horse next to a black horse looks very picturesque, and that his story was not written for adults, who will not understand it, because it is only about a soft furry love and has no hidden message of hate.
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White rabbit with black eyes and ears

Throughout the ages sage philosophers have advised us not to view the world in black and white.
Garth Williams

46 Rabbit Breeds to Keep as Pets

Rabbits come in an array of breeds, all having different colors, sizes, shapes, and coat types. The subtler differences between breeds are mostly of interest to those who show their bunnies, while the average owner is focused mainly on the size and type of coat. Keep in mind that a pet store rabbit is not necessarily purebred; it may not meet ideal breed standards. Yet this in no way reflects on their quality as a pet and should not deter you from adopting the rabbit that you like. Sorting through the sometimes confusing array of rabbit breeds as rabbits can vary in size from the smaller dwarf breeds weighing less than 2.

As of , there were at least breeds of domestic rabbit in 70 countries around the world. Each rabbit breed is considered to benefit when a reputable breeder strives to emulate the purpose for the breed, often defined by the individual breed standard by which it may be judged. Listed below are of the world's modern-day rabbit breeds. Rare breeds [i] are denoted with pink highlighting. This usage may have arisen from the Harlequin character, who, like this rabbit, always wears a motley -colored check -patterned coat—and suggests that the rabbit may be equally impish.

A rabbit breed consists of animals of the same sort, with the same form, colors, and markings and pass on similar characteristics to their offspring. Domestic pet rabbits are descendants of the European rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus. There are many recognized breeds in the US and UK rabbit registries; however, many pet rabbits are mixed.
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American Rabbit

This catalog of rabbit breeds lists all rabbit breeds recognized in the USA, i ncluding a brief description and a link to the breed's national organization if available. If the rabbit breed title is a link , you can follow it to our short rabbit breed information page with photo. Or, purchase our complete Domestic Rabbit Breeds e-book here or below. See our Double-Value Guarantee below. Popular Rabbit Toys with both Rabbits and Owners:. Currently the best commercial rabbit food available in the USA:.

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