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dona flor and her two husbands youtube

The Worlds Literature: Korea - Brazil: Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands. Jorge Amado Showing 1-17 of 17

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Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos

Dona Flor e seus dois maridos (Dona Flor and her Two Husbands)

Based on the novel of the same name by Jorge Amado, it takes place in s Bahia. When initially released, Dona Flor became the most successful film in Brazilian history. Its box office was only reached by a Brazilian production 35 years later by the blockbuster Elite Squad: The Enemy Within. Flor's friends and family see Vadinho's death as a chance for Flor to find happiness after the misery brought upon her by Vadinho's spendthrift ways and near-total lack of respectability. Roughly the first half of Dona Flor recounts Flor's marriage with Vadinho in an extended flashback. What is made clear is that Vadinho was a great lover who admired his wife's respectability, but enjoyed protracted foreplay until she begged him to continue. Not only was he generally an inattentive husband who would rather go to the casinos and whore houses, but he beat Flor and stole the savings she made from her cooking school.

He was Amado died Monday evening, hours after being admitted to Alianca Hospital in Salvador in the northeastern state of Bahia. The cause of death was heart and lung failure. Amado was hospitalized several times in recent years because of diabetes and heart problems. In late June he was admitted to a Sao Paulo hospital for high blood sugar and chest pains, briefly fell into a coma and spent several days on a respirator before being released July

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This captivating fable celebrates heated passions, conjugal harmony, the rhythms of the samba, and the delectable joys of cooking. Caught up in the pandemonium of carnival, the roguish and irresponsible Vadinho dos Guimaraes dies during a parade, leaving behind his long suffering wife, the irrepressible Dona Flor. As a widow, Flor devotes herself to her cooking school and an assortment of interfering but well-meaning friends who urge her to remarry. The lonely widow finds herself attracted to Dr. Teodoro Madureria, a kind, considerate pharmacist, who is everything the reckless Vadinho was not. Yet after their marriage, though content, Flor longs for her first husband's amorous, and exhausting, sensual pleasures. And Flor's desirous longing is so powerful that it brings the ghost of Vadinho back from the grave--right into her bed.

Flor's greatest passion is dancing, despite Margarita, who forbade it, since the death of Narciso, Flor's father. Margarita blames Flor for this death, although the reality is different. Flor seems resigned and works as a receptionist in the dance academy of the town, but also continues to dance, in secret. Her dream opportunity comes when she is invited to audition for a major company in Mexico City. Flor decides to pursue her dream and this causes a conflict with Margarita, which leads her to leave town. During the party of Tlaxcalixtlahuacaca, Flor dances with the group of the academy, in front of all the town.

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