Where does interstate 69 start and end

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where does interstate 69 start and end

Interstate 69: The Unfinished History of the Last Great American Highway by Matt Dellinger

Interstate 69 is an enlightening journey through the heart of America. With this epic tale of one vast and controversial road project, Matt Dellinger brings to life the countrys complex political, social, and economic landscape. The 1,400-mile extension of I-69 south from Indianapolis, if completed, will connect Canada to Mexico through Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. This so-called NAFTA highway has been in development for two decades, and while segments are under construction today, others may never be built. Eagerly anticipated by many as an economic godsend, I-69 has also been opposed by environmentalists, farmers, ranchers, anarchists, and others who question both the wisdom of building more highways and the merits of globalization. 

Part history, part travelogue, Interstate 69 reveals the surprising story of how this extraordinary undertaking began, introduces us to the array of individuals who have worked tirelessly for years to build the road--or to stop it--and guides us through the many places the highway would transform forever: from sprawling cities like Indianapolis, Houston, and Memphis to the small rural towns of the Midwestern rust belt, the Mississippi Delta, and south Texas. 

This book vividly illustrates that the story of America is indeed the story of transportation--and that story continues. In an era when bridges fall, levies fail, and states lease their toll roads to foreign-owned corporations, Americans are realizing the central importance of infrastructure, how it affects our standard of living and quality of life and how it determines which places prosper and which places fade.

Matt Dellinger connects these dots with an absorbingly human, on-the-ground examination of our countrys struggle with development. Interstate 69 captures the hopes, dreams, and fears surrounding what we build and what we leave behind.
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I-69 North: Fort Wayne, IN

U.S. Route 69

This 2,mile international and interstate trade corridor extends from Mexico to Canada. From the Mexican border to Indianapolis, Indiana, the proposed corridor would be built on a new location for about 1, miles. This application includes freight and passenger movement through a portion of the country that is experiencing both demographic and freight movement growth. The current infrastructure from Texas to Michigan already handles a very large flow of goods and this corridor has the potential to shift cargo patterns to relieve existing and projected congestion along existing routes e. This corridor has already been identified by Congress as a high priority corridor, is one of the farthest along in clearly defining its project list, and has the political support of all the states involved.

Interstate 69 I currently has two discontinuous segments of freeway in the U. The original Orr Highway [ citation needed ] and originally was designated I Very shortly thereafter, the route crosses into the state of Michigan at a point just northwest of Fremont. The southern stretch begins at an interchange with U. Continuing through greater Bloomington, I temporarily ends at a concurrency with S.

Interstate 69 currently consists as a disconnected route along a 1,mile corridor.
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Interstate 69 I is an Interstate Highway in the United States currently consisting of seven disjointed parts with an original continuous segment from Indianapolis, Indiana , northeast to the Canada—US border in Port Huron, Michigan , at The remaining separated parts are variously completed and posted or unposted parts of an extension southwest to the Mexican border in Texas. A sixth segment of I through Kentucky utilizing that state's existing parkway system and a section of I was established by federal legislation in , but only a portion is signposted. A section of the previously existing Western Kentucky Parkway from Eddyville to Nortonville was approved and signposted in late , with the Pennyrile Parkway between Nortonville and Henderson being signed as I in , [2] and the Purchase Parkway between Mayfield and Calvert City signed in July The proposed extension evolved from the combination of Corridors 18 and 20 of the National Highway System as designated in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of , but the federally recognized corridor also includes connecting and existing infrastructure, including I between Chicago and Port Huron and several spurs from I

US 69 continues on a north to northwest path through the towns of Alto , Rusk , Jacksonville and Bullard. US 69 continues northward into Tyler. At this intersection, SH heads west while US 69 continues north. US 69 continues north to northwest to Mineola , crossing US 80 there. US 69 takes a more northwest turn on its way through several small towns, including Emory , on its way to Greenville.

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  1. Interstate 69 (I) is an Interstate Highway in the United States currently consisting of seven Of this extension—nicknamed the NAFTA Superhighway because it would help trade with Canada and Mexico . The new section of Interstate 69 in southern Indiana presently begins at the U.S. Route 41 interchange south of.

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