Fat sick and dead diet

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fat sick and dead diet

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: How Fruits & Vegetables Changed My Life by Joe Cross

Joe Cross found himself, at age 40, weighing a whopping 300 plus pounds, and on a daily diet of the steroid Prednisone to manage the painful autoimmune condition that was making his life miserable. He decided to make a major change, so he did something radical: he decided to embark on a sixty-day Reboot to give his body a chance to detoxify and heal itself.

For two straight months, he drank only fresh fruit and vegetable juices - no solid food of any kind, no soda, no coffee, no alcohol. He decided to turn his Reboot into a journey across the U.S. and bring a film crew along to capture him talking with the people he met along the way, sharing his experience (and his juice). He made a hugely inspirational film about the experience, also called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This book details his journey.
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Joe Cross (filmmaker)

When you first meet Joe Cross in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead , he looks about as slick as any other self-made guru and weight-loss expert. Cross spends much of his film stumping for something called the "Reboot juice fast," a detoxifying crash diet that requires participants to consume only home-made juices made from a blend of green vegetables and fruits. He talks with easy confidence and he clearly has his sales pitch down cold. Cross anticipates and capably manipulates the skepticism of his audience, knowing well that his proselytizing for a diet of nothing but pureed fruits and veggies will seem gimmicky and implausible. His constant need to pitch his audience detracts from the overall case the film is trying to make. He relates how he first chose to visit and travel across America for sixty days in order to prove to himself how well he could resist such daunting American cultural institutions as the hamburger and French fries.

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The official site of the documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. Watch Joe Cross, lbs overweight, regain his health by juicing and inspire others along the way.
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Joe Cross born May 30, is an Australian entrepreneur , author , filmmaker, and wellness advocate. Following the release of his documentary, Cross has published six books about juicing. He spent his 30s trying traditional and non-traditional medicine to solve his illness. Cross was a smoker and consumed alcohol regularly. He wanted to get off medication as he believed that the medication or doctors were not able to offer a cure for his condition. For his juice fast, he decided to travel across America while talking to people about their attitudes toward food.

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