Wall street black and white

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wall street black and white

Black and White on Wall Street: The Untold Story of the Man Wrongly Accused of Bringing Down Kidder Peabody by Joseph Jett

Another fraudster who claims to be wrongly accused. Kinda like Dennis Levine who also wrote a book to profit from his non-crimes. (Thats a joke, of course. Levine sang lika a canary, went to jail, then got out to claim it was all somebody elses fault.)

When I read this I was angered that this promising talent took the path of wrong over the path of right. I was further angered that he didnt, and still doesnt, take responsibility for his actions.

So, he resorts to the race card, and hopes we believe that The Man was out to get him. Read it yourself and decide. I dont believe it for a minute.
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Published 18.01.2019

The Black Wall Street

Greenwood, Tulsa

Black Wall Street has a special place in American history as a platform that paved the way for Black communities and businesses to thrive. Not too long ago Black men and women were not allowed to own property. We faced violence and freedom restrictions, such as being stripped of the right to vote, and endured other forms of racial segregation and race-based legislation. Despite this, a sense of community and faith bloomed among Black neighborhoods where isolation and segregation was the norm. Black people gave each other a place for community, safety, and economic support. A hundred years later, Black communities were thriving and economic strength was established.

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In Black and White on Wall Street , Joseph Jett describes the combative environment of a Wall Street trading floor, where the driving forces are greed and competition, whatever the cost. For Jett, the price was his career, his reputation and the distinction of being a Wall Street pariah. In , Joseph Jett found himself at the center of one of the biggest Wall Street stories of the decade. His family, his childhood and his personal life became fodder for countless lurid media stories. Black and White on Wall Street is the story of how Joseph Jett has fought to clear his name, and now, for the first time, he tells his own story, a story replete with the breathless pace of Greed and Glory on Wall Street and the riveting detail of Barbarians at the Gate. In this book, Jett shows that his managers were fully aware of his trading strategy and, in fact, approved of it. But by then Jett was unemployed, his assets were frozen and his name was synonymous with Wall Street fraud.

June 1st, will forever be remembered as a day of great loss and devastation. It was on this day that America experienced the deadliest race riot in the small town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ninety-four years later, that neighborhood is still recognized as one of the most prosperous African American towns to date. With hundreds of successful black-owned businesses lining Greenwood Avenue, it became a standard that African Americans are still trying to rebuild. The attack that took place in tore the community apart, claiming hundreds of lives and sending the once prosperous neighborhood up in smoke. In the early s, Tulsa, Oklahoma experienced a major oil boom, attracting thousands. Many African Americans migrated from southern states hoping to escape the harsh racial tensions while profiting off of the oil industry.

Black History Career Planning. Black History. Black History News. Black History Entertainment. Black Wall Street was in Greenwood, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, was the type of community that African Americans are still, today, attempting to reclaim and rebuild.

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  1. Black and White on Wall Street: The Untold Story of the Man Wrongly Accused of Bringing Down Kidder Peabody [Joseph Jett, Sabra Chartrand] on.

  2. Wall Street Bull Black & White by Unknown Artist is printed with premium inks for brilliant color and then hand-stretched over museum quality stretcher bars.

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