Difference between dutch and flemish

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difference between dutch and flemish

Loves Rhythm (Heart of Fame #1) by Lexxie Couper

Lauren Robbins is the one that got away. Lured by the promise of fame, Nick Blackthorne turned his back on the possibility of a regular life and love to focus on his career. But years down the line, still unable to erase Lauren from his heart, Nick realizes he needs to find her, even if all she’ll accept from him is an apology for walking out all those years ago.

No one would ever guess kindergarten teacher Lauren Robbins was once involved with the lead singer of a rock band. Their romance was the stuff of love songs, and it took her fifteen years to get over him.

When Nick turns up at her door, the heartbreak and years fall away, but not everything can be erased with apologies and soul-shattering passion.

Each book in the The Heart of Fame series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Love’s Rhythm
Book #2 Muscle for Hire
Book #3 Guarded Desires
Book #4 Steady Beat
Book #5 Lead Me On
Book #6 Blame it on the Bass
Book #7 Blackthorne
Book #8 Getting Played

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Lesson 3: Flemish vs Dutch - Learn Belgian Dutch !

The Dutch and Flemish language and the underlying misconceptions

There exists this never ending discussion, especially in the recruitment world , about the Dutch and Flemish language. Many believe that these two languages are one in the same, or that their only difference is their geographical location. In essence, a Dutch speaker will be able to understand a Flemish speaker and respond back, and the same goes for the opposite. But just like British English and American English, they differ to some extent in terms of intonation and pronunciation with differences in vocabulary, including loanwords from English and French. Pronunciation is one of the most noticeable difference between these two languages. Chances are that even someone with little knowledge of these dialects will be able to identify the differences. The Dutch language spoken in the Netherlands has more of an English influence, whilst the language in the Flander region, the Flemish speaking region of Belgium, has a stronger French manifestation.

Dutch [duhch] The Germanic language of the Netherlands and northern Belgium. For the purposes of this article, I will also ignore the question of whether Dutch and Flemish are, in fact, separate languages. The most obvious difference when talking with or listening to speakers of Dutch and Flemish is the pronunciation. While Flemish tends towards French pronunciations, Dutch in the Netherlands has more of an English feel. For a full list of technical phonological differences, see this more comprehensive article.

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Perhaps it caught you by surprise., Many people are still surprised to know that Audrey was born in Brussels, Belgium and lived in the Netherlands for a few years.

These are:. The combined region, culture, and people of Flemish-speaking Belgium region, culture and people has come to be known as " Flanders ". Dutch is the majority language in northern Belgium, being used in written language by three-fifths of the population of Belgium. It is one of the three national languages of Belgium, together with French and German , and is the only official language of the Flemish Region. The various Dutch dialects spoken in Belgium contain a number of lexical and a good amount of grammatical features which distinguish them from the standard Dutch.

My best friend is from the Netherlands and she says Flemish is like and old fashioned version of Dutch is this right? Is there also a difference in the accent? Flemish is spoken in Belgium. It's basically dutch but with a much more softer accent, for example the ''G'' that is pronounced differently. Flemish also has a more french influence than Dutch. There are also some differences in vocabulary, like the use of the same word that has a different meaning in each dialect. And the words they have on their own.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. I'd like to congratulate you on the fact that you make a difference between Dutch and Flemish in your feature on Languages across Europe. Some people here in Belgium and the Netherlands are stillfighting over the question whether there even is one. Officially Flemishdoes not exist, but every day life proves that it does. It pleases me evenmore that you indicate the nuances correctly. By the way, I'm Flemishmyself. The question whether Flemish is simply a local variation of Dutch is relatedto the similar question whether American is one of English.

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