Auntie em and uncle henry

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auntie em and uncle henry

March Laumer (Author of Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in Oz)

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Published 18.01.2019

Charley Grapewin - Uncle Henry

Alert Auntie Em and Uncle Henry

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Aunt Em or Auntie Em , is a fictional character created by L. Frank Baum. After learning that her dear companion's relatives were facing foreclosure on the farm, and possible homelessness, she decided to allow Dorothy whom she crowned as an official Princess of Oz to bring Henry and Em to Oz permanently, believing it would be for the better, and it really was. Unlike the classic MGM film of , in Baum's original book she is much more poor and unhappy. Baum states she is a hardworking and submissive wife living in her early-mid 50's on a poverty stricken farm on the sun-baked Kansas prairies in circa

Aunt Em is a fictional character from the Oz books. In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , she is described as having been a "young, pretty wife" when she arrived at Uncle Henry's farm, but having been "grayed" by her life there, implying that she appears older than her years. Baum tells us that when Dorothy first came to live with her, Em would "scream and press her hand upon her heart" when startled by Dorothy's laughter, and she appears emotionally distant to her at the beginning of the story. However, after Dorothy is restored to her at the end of the book, we see her true nature: she cries out, "My darling child! There is no question about Dorothy's love for her aunt: indeed, her request to the magic Silver Shoes is "Take me home to Aunt Em!

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  1. In terms of unrelated people having the same last name, that was actually true of one of Maud's relatives, who married a man also named Gage.

  2. Aunt Em is a fictional character from the Oz books. She is the aunt of Dorothy Gale and wife of Uncle Henry, and lives together with them on a farm in Kansas.

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