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adventure time jake and cake

Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake by Natasha Allegri

Join Cake the Cat and Fionna the Human in this totally algebraic new adventure, written and drawn by Fionna & Cake creator and ADVENTURE TIME storyboard artist Natasha Allegri! When Fionna rescues a feral flame boy from a pack of wild fire lions, it starts her on a quest she’ll never forget… Don’t miss out on this sure-to-be INSANELY popular new ADVENTURE TIME mini-series!
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Adventure Time Finn & Jake/Fionna & Cake COMPARISON side by side

Finn and Jake meet Fionna and Cake

Fionna the gender-swapped version of Finn puts up with the sudden courtship of Prince Gumball the gender-swapped version of Princess Bubblegum while taking advice from her partner Cake the gender-swapped version of Jake in dealing with guys. The episode opens with alternate versions of Finn and Jake, using gender swapped characters. Fionna rushes to the balcony and sees the Ice Queen coming down from dark clouds to kidnap Prince Gumball. She breaks into the castle, forms a slush beast around herself and goes after Gumball. Cake turns into a morning star that Fionna uses to smash the slush monster, with Ice Queen and Gumball inside. The room fills with snow, and Prince Gumball appears unharmed, but Ice Queen has mysteriously vanished.

Cake travels with Fionna , and Lord Monochromicorn is her boyfriend. She has Stretchy Powers and can morph her body just like Jake. As a cat, she also possesses the ability to see in the dark. The fur on her tail stands on the end or "frizzes out" when there is danger around or when she gets excited e. She doesn't look much like Jake, aside from their body proportions.

Marshall Lee .

Fahrenheit 451 - Adventure Time - Cartoon Network

It originally aired on Cartoon Network on September 5, The series follows the adventures of Finn voiced by Jeremy Shada , a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake voiced by John DiMaggio , a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. The concept of Fionna and Cake was based on sketches that series' character designer and storyboard revisionist Natasha Allegri made. Ward was pleased with her creations, and decided to canonize them. Originally, the episode did not feature the Ice Queen at all, and the middle part of the episode saw Fionna go on a date with Gumball to a restaurant; this subsequently changed. The episode was watched by 3.



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  1. Fionna and Cake are sent to an alternate universe and they happen to bump into their gender bents Finn and Jake.

  2. I like this series because it turns the world on it's head and give the show a whole different meaning.

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