Technology and construction court cases

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technology and construction court cases

Litigation in the Technology and Construction Court by Adam Constable Qc

The Technology and Construction Court (TCC) deals with legal cases that often require specialist technical expertise. This can lead to complex and sometimes lengthy proceedings. In light of the Jackson reforms and developments in cost controls in the TCC, the manner in which claims are handled is of paramount commercial importance to lawyers and lay clients alike.

This book provides a practical, but intellectually informative guide to dealing with proceedings in the TCC. Looking at the different types of claims which are commonly, and not so commonly, brought in this court, it considers different potential approaches to such claims depending on the circumstances in which parties find themselves.

This is a genuine practitioners guide, with the principal focus on expeditious, cost-effective case management. Construction practitioners at the Bar, solicitors, adjudicators, arbitrators, and in-house counsel alike, will all find it an invaluable reference for their practice.
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Stop and Win a Court Case Using Common Law Arbitration

Some new claims were brought in the London TCC in the year.
Adam Constable Qc

Technology and Construction Court annual report 2017-18

It reveals some fascinating trends in the rarefied world of this highly specialist court. Both the London TCC courts, county court and high court, provided an analysis of what people are litigating about. This is pretty rough and ready as sometimes disputes start off as one thing and become another, or involve so many issues it is difficult to allocate them. Disappointingly, none of the courts outside London provided their breakdown, I would have loved to see if there are regional patterns in claims. Sadly the report is silent as to the type of claim or why the increase might have occurred, maybe the tree roots are to blame? The TCC is keen to get more overseas disputes in through the doors, and to this end it can often arrange for foreign lawyers or judges to sit with a TCC judge in London. The court wants more international clients to know about this and the TCC judges travel to lecture abroad on a regular basis.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. To get more information about these cookies and the processing of your personal data, check our Cookies Policy. Pavlo Samothrakis Partner. Part 56 of the Rules states that a claim may be brought in the TCD if it involves issues or questions that are technically complex. Part 56 provides a non-exhaustive list of categories of claims that will satisfy this requirement, including:. By forming a specialist division to handle complex — and sometimes new — types of construction and technology disputes, the DIFC Courts are working to secure businesses both now and in the future. The creation of the TCD mirrors similar specialist courts in other jurisdictions and the appointment of Sir Richard as head of the TCD is an encouraging sign that the DIFC Courts intend to appoint judges with the necessary experience and expertise to hear cases that are typically complex and founded in technical, industry-specific detail.

The TCC list in the Central London County Court

Here I have summarised those cases together with one from April and what they could mean for you and your business. Kersfield wanted to pay some c. However, when it comes to serving notices by email, it is important to check the terms of the relevant contract. It is crucial that you get a handle on notice provisions straight away and it can be a good idea to note key deadlines in your calendar including times as well as dates. I wrote more about service by email in my February blog. This case must have been excruciatingly embarrassing for all concerned, as it related to delays in the construction of the Rolls Building, which is the home of the TCC and the very building where the case was originally heard!

The County Court deals with minor civil matters, while the High Court deals with large or complex civil disputes. The County Court is a first instance court, ie a court where legal proceedings begin, that deals with minor civil matters in a wide range of areas such as:. Alongside the county courts and the High Court, a Tribunal system handles a wide variety of day-to-day legal issues, such as immigration, asylum or employment. Civil proceedings in tribunals are relatively informal and legal representation by a lawyer is usually not needed. Tribunals operate under a two-tier system:.

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