Objectivity and bias in history

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objectivity and bias in history

Historians Quotes (68 quotes)

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Published 17.01.2019

Objectivity in History

Objectivity and Bias in the Study of History: Is Objectivity Achievable?

In , the Board of Regents of the University of California ordered that all university employees sign an oath affirming loyalty to the constitutions of the United States and state of California. The oath required that university employees deny any membership in organizations that advocated the overthrow of the US government. Thirty-one professors, among them internationally distinguished scholars, were dismissed for refusing to sign. Courts eventually struck down this oath as unconstitutional, but a watered-down version remains in effect today. Critics at the time objected on the grounds of academic freedom and freedom of speech.

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There are facts, and there are historical facts, E. Carr reminded us years ago. Fact: lots of people crossed the Rubicon. A fact is embedded within a historical context—or set of contexts—that gives it historical significance and meaning. The fact and its context acquire historical meaning in retrospect, as they are recovered, interpreted, and presented by the historian. Caesar crossing the Rubicon is important if you care about Caesar and the developments with Rome that came out of his decision to move south out of the alps.

Sheen Encounter, Journalists love to talk about themselves and their profession, and the existence of hour a day news channels give them plenty of opportunity. On a recent Fox News Channel program a panel of journalists argued heatedly about evidence which is overwhelming of leftist bias in the major media. At one point, a leading liberal contended that unbiased reporting is just stenography. Surprisingly, a major conservative columnist and television commentator agreed. The liberal then proceeded to note that a major reason for the slant in news reporting, if there is one, involves awards and prizes: they can't be won by stenographers.

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  2. Read this article to learn about the objectivity and bias in history: Historical knowledge is not purely intuitive because it is derived from a critical examination of.

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