A man and his cat tim kreider

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a man and his cat tim kreider

I Wrote This Book Because I Love You: Essays by Tim Kreider

*A People Top 10 Book of 2018*

The New York Times essayist and author of We Learn Nothing, Tim Kreider trains his singular power of observation on his (often befuddling) relationships with women.

Psychologists have told him he’s a psychologist. Philosophers have told him he’s a philosopher. Religious groups have invited him to speak. He had a cult following as a cartoonist. But, above all else, Tim Kreider is an essayist—one whose deft prose, uncanny observations, dark humor, and emotional vulnerability have earned him deserved comparisons to David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, and the late David Foster Wallace (who was himself a fan of Kreider’s humor).

“Beautifully written, with just enough humor to balance his spikiness” (Booklist), I Wrote This Book Because I Love You focuses Tim’s unique perception and wit on his relationships with women—romantic, platonic, and the murky in-between. He talks about his difficulty finding lasting love and seeks to understand his commitment issues by tracking down the John Hopkins psychologist who tested him for a groundbreaking study on attachment when he was a toddler. He talks about his valued female friendships, one of which landed him on a circus train bound for Mexico. He talks about his time teaching young women at an upstate New York college, and the profound lessons they wound up teaching him. And in a hugely popular essay that originally appeared in The New York Times, he talks about his nineteen-year-old cat, wondering if it’s the most enduring relationship he’ll ever have.

“In a style reminiscent of Orwell, E.B. White and David Sedaris” (The New York Times Book Review), each of these pieces is “heartbreaking, brutal, and hilarious” (Judd Apatow), and collectively they cement Kreider’s place among the best essayists working today.
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A man & his cat

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No cat photo. No cat cartoon. Just Kreider words on the page. I acknowledge I am shirking my duties as a blogger by giving over a whole post to the words of another, words which have already appeared in print for an immeasurably larger audience than I could ever dream of reaching. Call me lazy, or incredibly generous. I lived with the same cat for 19 years — by far the longest relationship of my adult life. Under common law, this cat was my wife.

Humans do need to express affection and when there's nothing but a pet or plant around, that's the next best thing. Post a Comment. August 15, He currently lives in New York City and owned the same cat for nineteen years. In this essay, Tim has a cat that is pretty much his wife under common law. He explains why people like him, "childless", tend to become emotionally over invested in their animals and to dote on them in ways that give onlookers the creeps.

Under common law, this cat was my wife.
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Post a Comment. In his essay A Man and His Cat, Kreider comedically discusses his relationship with his beloved cat of nineteen years. Although he does not post pictures of his cat on social media and spend endless hours telling stories about his cat he still considers himself a Crazy Cat Guy because he "feels truly empty, [and] dead" without the lively presence his cat brings into his home Krieder Through the use of uplifting personal experiences, comedy, and reassurance Kreider is able to justify why pet owners act and feel the way they do about their pets. While poking fun at the community of "Crazy Cat People" Kreider is able to form a connection with not only his cat loving readers but the animal loving readers in general. Throughout the essay Kreider repeatedly states how cat owners are known for being weird and although he does not show it in public he does within the privacy of his own home. When alone with his cat he feels that he can reveal his true identity because no one is there to judge him.

Menagerie: Just between us species. Under common law, this cat was my wife. I fell asleep at night with the warm, pleasant weight of the cat on my chest. The first thing I saw on most mornings was the foreshortened paw of the cat retreating slowly from my face and her baleful crescent glare informing me that it was Cat Food Time. She and my ex Kati Jo, who was temperamentally not dissimilar to the cat, instantly sized each other up as enemies. I realize that people who talk at length about their pets are tedious at best, and often pitiful or repulsive.

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