Difference between revenge and reckoning

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difference between revenge and reckoning

Dead Reckoning: A Caribbean Pirate Adventure by Karen Perkins

Dead Reckoning is a historical adventure of piracy, love and revenge in the Caribbean in the seventeenth century.

Leo is born in Spanish Panama in 1659. When he is twelve years old he witnesses the violent rape and murder of his mother by three of the Caribbean’s most feared pirates: Tarr, Blake and Hornigold, and swears revenge at all costs.

Gabriella is trapped in an abusive marriage to a ruthless Dutch slave trader, who is in business with the same English cut-throats. She risks all to escape with her life.

Leo and Gabriella meet aboard one of the most horrific ships in the Caribbean – a slaver – and join forces against their common enemy. They face a number of challenges as they battle not only the dangers of a life at sea, including storm, drowning, and being cast adrift in a crippled ship, but also repeated attacks by Blake and Hornigold.

But their biggest threat proves to be each other. Can they reconcile their hearts in time for the fiercest battle in their quest of revenge, and survive the gallows?

Dead Reckoning was long-listed in the 2011 Mslexia Novel Competition.

Wow, what a fantastic story. Its a swashbuckler with a sweeping narrative, full of sea battles, drama, revenge, and love

Ms. Perkins is a sensational storyteller, knowing how to grab your attention, and hold onto you throughout

This is an epic pirate adventure, that is wrought with romance, anguish, fighting and revenge.
I was immediately drawn into the story of both Leo and Gabrielle, and fell in-love with both their horrific stories. Their lives eventually collide together and so begins a romance like no other.

So enraptured with this story and its characters that I be became a little lost within its pages.

K. A. Perkins takes romance, adventure and historical fractions to create a splendid tale.

Some might say that its a Bernard Cornwell type tale of adventure on the high seas, but it is much more than that. Rather than painting pirates as the swashbuckling adventurers that some authors do, Perkins portrays them as they truly were - violent, bloodthirsty, predators. That credibility is a large part of Dead Reckonings charm

Dead Reckoning is an excellent read and I look forward to reading the other books in Ms. Perkins’ series

Dead Reckoning is not a fast read. It is a deeply involving kind of story. One must give it full attention to get the span of the plot and appreciate the different characters. There are different plot lines that blend into the story, each one driving the story forward toward a satisfying finish.
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As verbs the difference between reckoning and revenge is that reckoning is while revenge is.
Karen Perkins

day of reckoning

Question : What is the name of the theatrical song in the Faust play, and who is the original composer and symphony? Question : What did Doc mean when he said "It's not revenge he's after. It's the reckoning"? Chosen answer: A reckoning is like a judgment day, exacting retribution for one's actions. Doc was very well educated and had a very large vocabulary. He was correctly pointing out the subtle difference between revenge to make Wyatt feel better about losing Morgan and about Virgil's crippling injury and the fact that Wyatt was bringing about a judgment day or reckoning for each of the men who hurt his family.

I believe your idea of reckoning is the same as his understating of De Sade. Such is the true criminal, who after spending his time reckoning, surpasses his own meek self, and thus commits crimes fearlessly. Thank you so much for your articles. They truly help me understand certain things! This was really nice man.

Related to reckoning: day of reckoning. The act of counting or computing. A settlement of accounts: a day of reckoning. The act or process of calculating the position of a ship or an aircraft. Navigation nautical short for dead reckoning.


By Paul Koch —. I can recite most of the scenes and I am still moved by the powerful friendship displayed between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday which runs through the heart of the movie. Now in the movie after the famous shootout at the OK Corral, Wyatt and his brothers are ambushed by a notorious gang of outlaws. The confrontation leaves his younger brother dead and his older brother without the use of one arm. A reckoning is more than revenge.

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