Medieval and renaissance marriage customs

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medieval and renaissance marriage customs

Giovanni and Lusanna: Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence by Gene A. Brucker

This compelling account of a wronged woman in Renaissance Florence, first published in 1986, is a fascinating view of Florentine society and its attitudes on love, marriage, class, and gender. Lusanna was a beautiful woman from a middle-class background who, in 1455, brought suit against Giovanni, her aristocratic lover, when she learned he had contracted to marry a woman of his own class. Blending scholarship with insightful narrative, the book portrays an extraordinary woman who challenged the unwritten codes and barriers of the social hierarchy and dared to seek a measure of personal independence in a male-dominated world.
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5 Facts About Marriage in the Middle Ages

Weddings in the Italian Renaissance

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The Medieval Era

Guth DeLloyd J. Think marriage in generic, secular, functional terms. It is a law-created instrument: a breeding contract, a licence to copulate, a unit of property ownership sole or shared , a custodial obligation for child-rearing, a sworn and witnessed merger, a domestic regime for provision of food, shelter and healthcare inside a household, a place to enjoy mutual affection or not , to celebrate family rituals, blood-lined identity and heritable materialism. Think citizenship in terms of origins, whether as natio birth right or locatio residence right and both, a lawfully created personal and political status, with rights and duties conferred by the polis community , whether secular or religious. Julius Kirshner's collection of nine re-published studies saturates you with such thoughts and immerses you in legal procedures and systems.

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