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once and again eli and grace

Silent Heart by Eli Grace

A Heart Beat Prequel.

Laurie doesn’t have a voice to tell Tanner how she feels, but she can show him.

Laurie can hear the whistles of the birds, hear her percolator brewing coffee in the kitchen, and hear her cat purring for affection. However, she cannot add to the noise of the world surrounding her. She has no voice, thanks to a tumor that paralyzed her vocal cords a year ago and turned her world inside out.

Laurie’s entire life has come to a standstill; some days, her body doesn’t want to operate and her mind doesn’t want to function. Every day, she wants to sing and scream and sob, but can’t. It shouldn’t be called ‘vocal cord paralysis’, it should be called ‘life paralysis’.

Leaving speech therapy on a warm summer’s day and caught in her thoughts, Laurie is struck by a car. When the ambulance arrives, she meets Tanner― a paramedic who’s long on looks and short on love. Tanner has dedicated his days to doing his job and saving people, with neither the time nor the patience for romance. He’s been burned before and isn’t ready for a repeat.

Tanner and Laurie have an instant, inexplicable connection and the only thing they both know for certain is that fate has brought them together.

Sometimes, love is loud. Sometimes, love is quiet. For Laurie and Tanner, love is silent.

Instant love. Mild Heat. & a HEA for now.

The Heart Beat Series. Instant attraction. Lots of heat. A redemption romance trilogy.

Heart Beat One: Coming 2018
Heart Beat Two: Coming 2018
Heart Beat Three: Coming 2018
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once and again tough love part 3

Once and Again was a drama series created by Edward Zwick and Marshall Almost Kiss: Eli and Grace have one of these before Jessie interrupts them.
Eli Grace

Shane West: Eli Sammler

User Name: Remember Me? Only the first season of the show is on DVD I wish there was something we could do to get them out. I would like some good eli and Grace stories too. I think I read all the ones at fanficiton.

Kill Bill: Vol. Sign in. Jessie Sammler : You guys should totally do it. Grace Manning : Oh, and all those stupid tenor songs you listen to. Grace Manning : I am a tenor!

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