God heals depression and anxiety

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god heals depression and anxiety

Bible Cure For Depression/Anxiety by Don Colbert

You can overcome depression and anxiety! As you take the positive steps outlined in this booklet, hope will replace depression, and the inner peace will overcome anxiety! Do You Suffer from depression or anxiety? In this concise, easy-to-read booklet youll discover a wealth of usable information to help you break free from depression and anxiety! Learn biblical secrets on health and the latest medical research on how to win the war against depression and anxiety. This book contains findings that your doctor may have never told you!

•the best antidepressant •the vital link between omega-3 fatty acids and brain activity •powerful foods that fight and win over depression •a joy-filled strategy of victory over depression using essential vitamins, minerals, and supplementsYou want to be healthy. God wants you to be healthy. Now at last heres a source of information that will help you get healthy-body, mind, and spirit.

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How I Healed My Crippling Depression, Anxiety, And Chronic Fatigue Without Medication by Josh Macin

How I Overcame the Worst Months of My Depression

Because ethnicity is part of the good of creation, we seek to honor and celebrate the ethnic identity of those with whom we serve as well as those we seek to reach. For me, depression came with the winter, though warning signs could be felt and seen much sooner. I was tired. Really tired. I was edgy and emotional and anxious. I began noticing that I felt exactly like it looked outside — gray and miserable. I sank further and further until finally breaking down one day at a work conference.

I assumed because I was honest and upfront with them about my issues, it would be easier to overcome them. I definitely thought wrong. My parents are practicing Muslims who believed my mental illness was just all in my head and if I was closer to God, it would all just go away. With them constantly telling me that at the age of 13, I had no idea how to even deal with these issues I had. I also felt immense pressure like I had to get better in order for my parents to be fulfilled in their faith.

Fighting Depression and PTSD as a Christian

At times, it's hard to believe that over 22 years ago, I almost took my life due to depression. Being a black female and growing up in the 's where black people had way more to deal with than mental health conditions, mental health was never really discussed. There are so many reasons why this is that I could probably write a book on them. Relentless stigma accompanies mental health conditions. But there is no shame in having a mental health condition. The true shame is not getting the treatment you need to have a good life. African-Americans need to know: A mental health condition is no different than a physical one.

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. I paced my home trying to think of the best place to lie down in case I died. My heart was pounding, and I felt an immense amount of chest pressure and pain. My husband was at work, and all my children in the house were asleep. My red sofa seemed like the most appropriate place to perish, so I slowly made my way over, curled up in a ball in my favorite morning coffee groove and dialed The paramedics found me right away—a pale, shaking, hyperventilating woman on a red couch is a fairly easy thing to spot.

Sign up! Dear reader, are you anxious or depressed? If so, did you know that God has a beautiful, healing cure for anxiety and depression that you can take advantage of TODAY? I felt hopeless and I even battled suicidal thoughts. When I gave my heart to Jesus, I had hope all of a sudden. And I began to listen to good, solid teaching of the Word—especially from Joyce Meyer —and the Word took root in me, lifted me up, and changed me.

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