Elizabethan food and drink recipes

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elizabethan food and drink recipes

To the Queens Taste: Elizabethan Feasts and Recipes Adapted for Modern Cooking by Lorna J. Sass

Lorna Sass is fondly known as the Queen of Pressure Cooking. She is also a widely published food writer and an award-winning cookbook author. Check out her new blog: www.pressurecookingwithlornasass.word...

Lorna became interested in pressure cooking during the mid-eighties when most Americans had either never heard of this magical appliance or were afraid of it! Her COOKING UNDER PRESSURE, published in 1989, became a best-seller with over 250,000 copies in print. The 20th-Anniversary revised edition of COOKING UNDER PRESSURE came out on November 3,2009.


During the nineties, Lorna wrote numerous vegan cookbooks, recognizing that a vegan approach to food created a much smaller carbon footprint. This was decades before cookbook authors were writing about the connection between food and sustainability. Her RECIPES FROM AN ECOLOGICAL KITCHEN was published in 1992! Her NEW VEGAN COOKBOOK was nominated for an IACP Award and her latest title in this category is SHORT-CUT VEGAN.

Her fourteenth cookbook, WHOLE GRAINS EVERY DAY, EVERY WAY, published in 2006, was awarded the prestigious James Beard Award in the healthy focus category. Her latest cookbook, WHOLE GRAINS FOR BUSY PEOPLE, focuses on quick-cooking recipes for cooks on the go.

Lorna has often found herself ahead of her time. While studying for her PhD in medieval literature at Columbia University, she wrote four historical cookbooks that were published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art--decades before anyone was studying food history!

Lornas food articles have been published in dozens of prominent newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Gourmet, and Bon Appetit. In addition to her own blogs, she has blogged for The Huffington Post and Green Fork, and wrote a monthly recipe column for localharvest.org.

She is a member of Slow Food, The Authors Guild, and the Womens Culinary Alliance and an alumna of Les Dames des Escoffier, an organization of the top women in the food industry.

Lornas current passion is to make healthy food available to all, and she is especially eager to help people grow their own food on rooftops and in community gardens in NYC.

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Elizabethan Era Food and Drinks Recipes For festivals,Christmas,Easter

Main Courses-. Breads, cakes, pastries-. Stewed Lamb with Carrots is a traditional Elizabethan recipe for a simple stew with fresh herbs and lamb. Mutton, the meat of sheep, was an abundant ingredient back in the Elizabethan Era. It is served with thick, fresh slices of bread. Take a breast or neck of a mutton and put it in a pot with water.

Fast and accurate details and facts about Old Elizabethan Recipes. The Food and Drink, Feasts and Banquets and Peasant Foods eaten by the people during .
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1. An Hearbe Pudding

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Elizabethan Family Wiki Commons. The Elizabethans, like us, had three main meals a day: breakfast, dinner, and supper. Breakfast was eaten early, usually between am, dinner at midday, and supper between pm. The kinds of food eaten depended very much on wealth and status. Poor people, in general, had humble and unvaried diets, whereas the rich of Elizabethan England ate well. They enjoyed all kinds of meat, including beef, pork, lamb, mutton, bacon, veal, and deer, and fancy fowl such as peacock, swan, and goose.

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