I have been a rich man and a poor man

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i have been a rich man and a poor man

Poor Man Quotes (15 quotes)

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Published 15.01.2019

Clinton Fearon - Richman Poorman

The Wolf of Wall Street – Leonardo DiCaprio Speech

The Wolf of Wall Street was a hit film. People glorified the movie itself and also Jordan Belfort, the main character. The story and plot were extravagant, wild and fun. One of the craziest parts about this movie is that the story is true. He also has a hit book The Way of the Wolf , which further illustrates how entrepreneurs can be successful at persuasion, influence and successful. Regardless of whether you have seen the movie or read his book, there are some key takeaways for good and bad.

I have been a rich man and I have been a poor man and I choose rich every fucking time. Hit him! Go on! And who are you going to be sitting next to? Some disgusting wilderbeast with three days of razor stubble in a sleeveless muumuu crammed in next to you in a carload full of groceries from the fucking Price Club! I want you to deal with your problems by becoming RI CH!

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life isn t about how many breaths you take quote

1.Being good friends with your employees means they will do anything for your company.

A quote can be a single line from one character or a memorable dialog between several characters. Please make your quotes accurate., Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort , The Wolf of Wall Street is an American biographical black comedy that premiered on December under the excellent direction of Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Belfort and as expected, he gave an outstanding performance on what living like a narcissistic lunatic means.


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  1. Jordan Belfort: Let me tell you something. There's no nobility in poverty. I've been a poor man, and I've been a rich man. And I choose rich every f***ing time.

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