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black and white elk pictures

Black Elks Vision: A Lakota Story by S.D. Nelson

Told from the Native American point of view, Black Elk’s Vision provides a unique perspective on American history.   From recounting the visions Black Elk had as a young boy, to his involvement in the battles of Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee, as well as his journeys to New York City and Europe with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, this biographical account of Black Elk—an Oglala-Lakota medicine man (1863–1950)—follows him from childhood through adulthood.   S. D. Nelson tells the story of Black Elk through the medicine man’s voice, bringing to life what it was like to be Native American in the mid-to-late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The Native people found their land overrun by the Wha-shi-choos, or White Man, the buffalo slaughtered for sport and to purposely eliminate their main food source, and their people gathered onto reservations. Through it all, Black Elk clung to his childhood visions that planted the seeds to help his people—and all people—understand their place in the circle of life.   The book includes archival images, a timeline, a bibliography, an index, and Nelson’s signature art.

  Praise for the work of S. D. Nelson
Western Writers of America Spur Storyteller Award
Chicago Public Library Best of the Best
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
[STAR] “An appealing story full of excitement, warmth, and wisdom.” —The Five Owls, starred review
“A fine choice for story hours, this will also find wide curricular use.” —Booklist
“A modern-day story in the Sioux tradition of storytelling.” —Winston-Salem Journal
“Splendid acrylic artwork captures the action, humor, and spirit of the tale. A solid addition to collections of Native American tales and an enjoyable read-aloud.” —School Library Journal
“Nelson pulls it off with his confident style as a storyteller . . . polished illustrations . . . informative, well written.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Various Cervus elaphus subspecies. The elk or wapiti Cervus canadensis is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae , and one of the largest terrestrial mammals in North America and Northeast Asia. This animal should not be confused with the still larger moose Alces alces to which the name "elk" applies in British English and in reference to populations in Eurasia. Elk range in forest and forest-edge habitat, feeding on grasses, plants, leaves, and bark. Male elk have large antlers which are shed each year. Males also engage in ritualized mating behaviors during the rut , including posturing, antler wrestling sparring , and bugling , a loud series of vocalizations that establishes dominance over other males and attracts females.

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