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siegfried all creatures great and small

Character profile for Siegfried Farnon from All Creatures Great and Small (All Creatures Great and Small, #1) (page 1)

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All Creatures Great & Small s02e12 Pups, Pigs and Pickles

Donald Sinclair (veterinary surgeon)

All Creatures Great and Small is a British television series based on the books of the British veterinary surgeon Alf Wight, who wrote under the pseudonym James Herriot. It is part of a series of movies and television series based on Herriot's novels. The Herriot novels were written in an episodic style, with each chapter generally containing a short story within the ongoing narrative of Herriot's life. This format greatly facilitated their adaptation for a television series. The series had two runs: the original to , based directly on Herriot's books was for three series; the second to , filmed with original scripts for four.

Up to 19 million viewers watched seven series and three Christmas specials between and There were also two stage portrayals. His studies at Magdalen College, Oxford, were interrupted by national service in the RAF, but he returned to complete a degree in English. Hardy was made CBE in Both of his marriages — to wardrobe assistant Elizabeth Fox and costume designer Sally Pearson , the daughter of actress Gladys Cooper — ended in divorce.

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The show ran from to , had two Christmas Episodes in and , and came back to run from to , concluding with another Christmas Episode. The show followed the lives of unassuming newly-fledged vet James Herriot; his temperamental but good-natured boss, Siegfried Farnon; Siegfried's laddish younger brother, Tristan; and James' eventual wife, Helen. The Revival added Calum Buchanan, a back-to-nature Scottish vet. Other recurring characters included Mrs. Hall, the invaluable housekeeper, and Mrs Pumphrey, the eccentric owner of a spoiled Pekinese. The Theme Tune , Piano Parchment , is particularly lovely.

He was made famous as the eccentric character Siegfried Farnon in the semi-autobiographical books of James Herriot Alf Wight , adapted for film and television as All Creatures Great and Small. In , Sinclair bought a veterinary practice at 23 Kirkgate, Thirsk , Yorkshire , and he hired Wight to run it in July while he Sinclair was undertaking his war service in the Royal Air Force. However, Sinclair had deliberately misrepresented himself as being younger than he was in order to join up, and it was quickly discovered that his reflexes were not fast enough for him to continue with pilot training. He could have been redeployed within the service, but the fact that he was a veterinary surgeon meant that he was considered more useful to the war effort by resuming his peacetime profession. The severe national food shortage meant that proper veterinary treatment of farm animals received a very high priority, and so within four months of joining the RAF he received a compulsory discharge and he returned to Thirsk. The fictional character Siegfried Farnon is portrayed as outspoken, opinionated, bossy, quick to lose his temper, and also quick to "blow over". He is nonetheless basically good-hearted and an animal lover, fond of riding, and infuriated by any suspicion of deliberate cruelty to animals.

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  1. All Creatures Great and Small is a British television series based on the books of the British . "Some writers considered [Siegfried] an explosion, and all they needed to do was light the fuse and — bang — he would lose his temper, which was.

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