Me my friend and her boyfriend

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me my friend and her boyfriend

Her Boyfriends Friend by Mia Ford

I thought I had everything I needed - then Nate walked into my life.

I noticed his eyes first, deep luscious pools I wanted to dive in and drown.
The broad shoulders, mighty fine muscles, and dimpled smile didnt hurt either.
And as soon as I met him, I just felt... warm and protected. Safe.

One hitch though - Nates my fiancés friend.
And Im not the type to cheat.

Unlike my jerk of a fiancé.
Yeah, guess what I just found out.
Good old Jack has been playing around.

Of course, its one rule for him and another for me.
I know what Nate and I have is real.
So real theres a baby growing to prove it.
But if Jack finds out hell destroy us.
Hes the billionaire that runs this town.

Is true love worth the price?
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I LOST MY MEMORY PRANK ON MY BOYFRIEND **Gone Too Far**🤕💔- Piper Rockelle

My Best Friend's Boyfriend Tried to Hook Up With Me. Do I Tell Her?

It's a fight that's almost bound to come up at some point during every best friendship: Your best friend, the person you spend essentially all of your time with, starts dating someone great, and suddenly you have a lot of unaccompanied free time. As someone who's not a sociopath, you're happy to see your friend happy. But as a person who needs love and attention, it's easy to feel neglected and bitter. So what do you do? You could: 1.

We were inseparable, my best friend and I. In fact, some teachers even thought we were related because we spent so much time together. We had a plan to travel the world together. We wanted to get accepted to the same colleges and be roommates. We had our whole lives mapped out and we were only high-schoolers. Then one day she came to me and sat me down and told me she had to tell me something.

So he's been talking with me more often, msged me on Facebook instead of her, but it's just casual stuff like what he did that day etc. We're pretty good freinds too since we all hang out in the same group. However, my best freind started noticing that he's msging me more than her and she brought up the subject a couple of times. Then last friday we all went to an amusement park together and the rest of our friends and her got distracted looking at items so me and him when to buy food first. And we basically split everything since we were too cheap to buy one huge thing by ourselves. So she saw us afterwards splitting food and she got shorta upset even though i offered her some.


First things first, call up Jada and see if she can get you scheduled for a Red Table Talk — wear a black turtleneck and serious expression. If we learned anything from the Jordyn Woods x Tristan Thompson saga besides the fact that men are trash , it's that you need to tell your friend the full truth immediately, before she finds out some other way and chaos ensues. You didn't do anything wrong, he did. So why would you jeopardize your friendship just to protect his shadiness and failed attempt at cheating? Pretending it never happened doesn't help you and it certainly doesn't help your friend.

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