Lauren groff fates and furies excerpt

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lauren groff fates and furies excerpt

Fates and Furies Quotes by Lauren Groff

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Lauren Groff: Fates, Furies and finding inspiration in France

Drunk, lonely, stewing in his failure. A sin.

Esquire Fiction: 'Snake Stories' by Lauren Groff

Copyright by Lauren Groff. They climbed across the rocks toward the house theyd left bright in the dusk. A unity, marriage, made of discrete parts. Lotto was loud and full of light; Mathilde, quiet, watchful. Easy to believe that his was the better half, the one that set the tone. Its true that everything hed lived so far had steadily built toward Mathilde.

Lotto short for Lancelot and Mathilde meet at a party, near the end of their time as Vassar undergraduates. The attraction is intense, and they get quickly married, just before graduation. Mathilde is mysterious. She seems to have no legible past, no obvious context. This is a characteristically patriarchal gesture: Mathilde seems to ask for little, and subsumes whatever desire for a career she may have had to his larger claims. The little she spoke of childhood was shadowed with abuse. Her most vivid memories of her childhood were of the television that was never turned off.

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Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff


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  1. Groff's latest, Florida , is an equally compelling collection of short stories centered around the Sunshine State, where an assortment of characters and narratives swirl around in the swampy expanse.

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