Do cats and dogs have belly buttons

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do cats and dogs have belly buttons

Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?: An Answers to 249 Other Curious Questions by Paul Heiney

Do Cats Have Belly Buttons? is a follow-up to the successful Can Cows Walk Down Stairs? Answering lifes BIG QUESTIONS, as well as the small, it unravels the science behind those things we take for granted, and explains just why the world and its contents are as they are. Informative, entertaining, humorous, it is the perfect present for quizaholics, science addicts, the insatiably questioning, and anyone curious about life on earth.Paul Heiney is a well-known writer, broadcaster and journalist. Best known for the consumer television programme Watchdog, he has been a contributor on all of Britains national radio networks
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Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

See files for Dogs. A navel reminds us of the deep union that once existed between child and mother before birth. For more about which animals have belly buttons and whether or not dogs have belly buttons , keep reading here at AnimalWised. After birth, this cord is removed, cut or falls off naturally, as it is no longer necessary. As we already know, all humans have belly buttons.

And then I got an e-mail from a reader asking me about belly buttons it and it got my mind wandering. Why do dogs have belly buttons anyways? Why do dogs have belly buttons? The belly button on a dog is the location where the umbilical cord was cut after birth. The belly button itself is just the scar leftover from where the umbilical cord was removed after birth. The umbilical cord is a flexible tube that carries oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby. A belly button is the place where the umbilical cord is cut off after birth.

It's a reasonable question given the fact that cats don't have obvious "innies" or "outies" like people do. The short answer is yes, cats have belly buttons. The belly button, also called a navel -- or umbilicus, if you want to get truly technical -- is present in all mammals. Cats are mammals, so cats have belly buttons. As with everything anatomical, it had a purpose. The belly button is where the umbilical cord connected mother and unborn baby or, in this case, queen and unborn kitten. As a kitten develops in his mother's womb, he needs sustenance to grow and thrive.

Kittens are cute enough, but the thought of kitten belly buttons brings on cuteness overload. Maybe you haven't had so much time on your hands that your mind has wandered to pondering whether or not kittens have belly buttons, but just in case you need to know: they actually do.
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Why Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

Sweet Puppy with Hernia

Customer Service for Subscribers. Do dogs have belly buttons? If dogs do have belly buttons, where are they located and how can you find your dog's belly button? Is a dog's belly button ever cause for concern? Humans, navel-gazing and self-obsessed beings as we are, are nothing if not relentlessly and unapologetically anthropocentric.


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  1. Where you find an umbilical cord, you'll find a belly button. This means that the answer to another frequently asked question — to wit, “Do cats.

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