16 and never been kissed

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16 and never been kissed

Books similar to Never Been Kissed (Sweet 16, #1)

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"I'm 16+ And I've Never Kissed Anyone!"

Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed

If you're a high schooler who's never been kissed, it probably feels like you're the only unkissed teen in the whole entire world and there's nobody, we mean nobody , who understands your struggle. So if you do finally work up the guts to tell someone about your never-been-kissed status, the worst thing they could do is say one of the following things:. Never being kissed isn't something I tend to joke about. I had my first kiss when I was [insert single-digit age here]. Was it meant to make feel bad about the fact that I'm the only one in an 85 mile radius who's never been kissed?

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Sign up or log in to share. No hun, I personally think that is not weird at all. According to your question, why are you thinking that way? We don't have to go through all that at the age of 16 or even 17 because remember are still under-aged. You are very young, don't think about it now because you still have many years to do it. It's not weird, it's a personal choice.

ONE young reader is concerned that the fact she's never kissed anyone makes her abnormal, while another is sleeping with someone who won't acknowledge her. I feel so depressed and miserable because I feel like I am the only year-old girl who has never been kissed.
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Sign up or log in to share. Ah, I know the feeling. I'm 19, in the course of my life I've had a grand total of: 5 boyfriends. From 13 to now. One guy I crushed over for 5 years, first love, he broke my freakin' heart Another guy was his best friend, we dated for like And the other two I have dated a multiple of times.


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