Tree spirits tales and encounters

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tree spirits tales and encounters

Ghosts, Spirits & Angels: True Tales from Kentucky and Beyond by Thomas Freese

Ghosts, Spirits & Angels makes a dramatic statement in spreading the net wider than just ghostly tales to bring in true accounts of the simply amazing. Lives are forever changed by these encounters in such stories as a dead friend saving a would-be author from throwing away her first book manuscript, a Kentucky girl who grows up with a witch who married into their family, angel wings that caught a skier who fell off a cliff, and the arrival of a cash-filled envelope addressed by someones deceased mother postmarked after her death. There are also tales of shadow people from very haunted Waverly Hills TB Sanatorium, an account of Tennessees Bell Witch, a humorous tale of a familys ghost cat, and the touching story of an angelic emergency responder, to name a few!
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3 Horrifying Cases Of Ghosts And Demons

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Thomas Freese

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Tree Spirits: Tales and Encounters: “When trees, once intensely worshipped, become regarded as mere matter or just so many board feet of.
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Reverence Paranormal. Throughout all of human history the forests of our world have always held a special allure. The trees have birthed countless legends and myths, as well as spawned all manner of forest entities, sprites, and spirits. Over the ages there have been many tales of encounters with the supernatural denizens of the woodlands of the world, and here we will look at some that take on a rather frightening quality, to show that the forests can not only propel wonder, awe, and myth, but also fear as well. Some of the most spectacular encounters with strange, unsettling mystical forces in the forest are those accounts that describe seeing some sort of spooky wood spirits or perhaps even demons. These are those incidents in which people have come across what seem to be ghostly or magical entities somehow connected to the forest, and which likely did not mean to be seen at all.

The sacred trees are no longer valued as living, conscious beings with spirits of their own. The voice and vital hum of life inherent in all things … is silenced, soulless. Preston, a graduate of The Art Institute of Chicago and the recipient of numerous awards for her illustrations, is a long-time student of cross-cultural spirituality and has traveled widely, recording what she learned in words and sketches. Her book, Tree Spirits , fifteen years in the making, is a call to awaken to the spiritual essence of all that lives. Sensitively conceived and beautifully illustrated, it was awarded the Silver Finalist Medal in the Indie Books Awards.

To read this gorgeous, engaging book is to journey deep into human history, mythology and religion with the kindest and wisest of guides, discovering ancient wisdom about the unseen world around us, the healing power within Nature, and the spiritual bond that connects us to all living things. Trees play a central role in this book as they do in the quality of our lives, their spirits waiting to be called upon to heal, energize, protect — and yes, even love us. For Heather Preston, it is time to share "the wonderful store of tree knowledge from cultures across the world" because they still hold many hidden but enduring truths about the power and importance of trees to our health, well-being, and very survival. Drawing from a treasure trove of personal experiences, shared stories, careful research, and intuitive knowledge, the author-artist leads us into a realm of awareness that will forever change our view of the world and its invisible but nevertheless real dimensions. Students of all ages and fields will find enough evidence from all these sources to recognize a compelling argument for the existence of spirit within all living organisms.

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