Spiderman and mary jane wedding

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spiderman and mary jane wedding

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Wedding by David Michelinie

Who can forget one of the greatest milestones in comic history -- the marriage of Peter Parker to his long-time love Mary Jane Watson But what events surrounded this most wondrous of occasions? With Peteris dangerous existence as the web-slinging Spider-Man you can bet that there were awesome obstacles to overcome before the nuptials.

Fortunately Marvel has collected all of these amazing tales in one tidy little volume. So find out how Spidey was finally caught in Mary Janes web of love.

This trade collects the stories that changed the status quo of the Spider-Man saga forever.

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Spider-Man Reveals his Secret Identity to a Water Clone he thinks is Mary Jane

The Wedding!

Peter Parker and Mary Jane are taking the time to rekindle their romance, and while Peter's heroic alter ego still finds a way to complicate matters, things are looking pretty positive. However, some fans were admittedly displeased with the way Marvel chose to end Peter and Mary Jane's marriage in the controversial "One More Day" story arc. There is recent evidence of the latter being a valid possibility, with the mysterious Kindred stalking Mary Jane while Spider-Man battled Kraven in the "Hunted" event. Instead of Mary Jane's life being in immediate danger, the redhead is taking her acting talents across the country for a new gig. While two months isn't a large amount of time, it's still long enough for Peter to worry that he's losing Mary Jane all over again. Of course, Spider-Man is the reason Peter wasn't able to make it to the airport on time.

Not only does the issue tease that the fan-favorite romance between Peter Parker and Mary Jane is finally back on, it drops a number of tantalizing hints that the "One More Day" arc is at last being undone. In , Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada was responsible for the most controversial Spider-Man story of all time. But he paid a terrible price; Mephisto agreed only on the condition that Spider-Man and Mary Jane agree to their marriage being wiped out of continuity. Quesada believed that Spider-Man's youth and singleness were core parts of his brand, and that the idea of a married Peter Parker was damaging to that brand. Worse still, in his view, was the fact that Peter was married to a model; that's hardly the traditional "Parker Luck. It looks as though they might just be getting their wish.

For all his bad luck, Peter Parker's life has never been short on romance, but face it, tiger: None of those characters have had the staying power or importance of Mary Jane Watson. Originally introduced in in one of the most memorable moments in Spider-Man history, Mary Jane has had a career on the page that's almost as complicated as her radioactive paramour's. She's been a flighty party girl with a surprising secret, a supermodel with a melodramatic habit, and she once made a deal with the Devil himself, and that's just scratching the surface. From her comic book origins to her on-screen adaptations, here's the surprisingly complicated truth behind Mary Jane Watson. While she wouldn't make her full appearance until December , Mary Jane was first mentioned way back in Amazing Spider-Man For over two years, she was actually a running gag in the comic, with Aunt May constantly trying to wrangle Peter into a blind date with the niece of her next-door neighbor, and Peter making every excuse that he could to duck out and avoid actually meeting her.

She made Spider-Man's love life incredibly difficult

Although Peter Parker had several love interests in his early comic book history—most notably, of course, Gwen Stacy —when Mary Jane Watson was introduced, she was clearly the be-all and end-all of Spidey relationships. Before that, early issues of Amazing Spider-Man spent almost a year teasing her as a potential romantic partner for Peter, with Aunt May constantly trying to set up a date between Peter and the mysterious, unseen Ms. Upon her return and the reveal that she had figured out that Peter is Spider-Man , the two remained friends. Well, actually, MJ turned him down again but eventually reconsidered. Meanwhile, Peter was distraught by the arrival of a couple claiming to be his long-thought-dead parents. Once they were revealed to be Life Model Decoy robots sent by the Chameleon hired by Harry Osborn in an attempt to get revenge for the death of his father Norman, a. When the couple reunited, the additional trauma of her months-long captivity led to Mary Jane spending time apart from Peter while she recovered.

Spider-Man get married. Spider-Man is web slinging through town and runs into Electro. He defeats him and then returns home, to find Mary Jane in the process of moving in. MJ leaves for a photo shoot, leaving Peter to ponder how on earth he'll be able to provide for him and MJ. Peter takes his photos of Spider-Man defeating Electro to the Daily Bugle and is surprised by the staff with a party in honor of his upcoming wedding to Mary Jane. Jonah Jameson arrives, clearly irritated, and starts to complain about why they are hosting a party when they're supposed to be working.

And THAT is never going to happen either. Again, believe all you want. Still never happening. Not happening. Over a quarter of a century has been spent by Marvel to undo it.

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