Makai ouji devils and realist dantalion

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makai ouji devils and realist dantalion

Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile - 57 B.C. by Kristiana Gregory

Disclaimer: The last time I read this book was in middle school, so my review will be spotty and more nostalgic than any review should be. Oh well.

I avidly read the Royal Diaries series during my middle school years. Like most young girls, I was fascinated with princesses and--maybe not so much like most young girls--deeply interested in the power politics of royalty. Princesses, more often than not, tend to be the pawns of such political games, so it was always very thrilling to read a story in which the princess overcomes her opponents!

While Cleopatra was not always my favorite female monarch, I love this book not only because it satiated my taste for court intrigue, but also because it allowed me a glimpse of the wealth and decay of Egypt.

Here are scenes that still stand out in my mind today:

(1) Cleopatras older sister, next in line to lead the realm, is luxuriating in a steaming tub of water that is heated by slaves working in an underground furnace. Amid the perfumed haze of oils and other bath luxuries, she orders Cleopatra to drink a goblet of may-or-may-not-be poisoned wine.

(2) Cleopatra and her sisters get first dibs at a caravan full of trade items arriving from all over the world. These include jars of scented oils, shimmering scarves that float when you toss them into the air, and ropes of pearls. Cleopatra takes a hold of something--I think it was a necklace--and the vindictive older sister snatches it away and presses a knife to Cleopatras throat.

(3) Away somewhere in Roman-occupied territory, the Romans viciously taunt Cleopatras father in their own language, and he--dependent on Roman aid yet unable to speak their language--nods and smiles nervously. Cleopatra, who happens to speak a bazillion languages, shows them up. Yeah, bitches.

As Ive said before, I havent read the book in ages, so my memory could be making up a few details. If those three scenes are completely accurate, I would be very surprised.

And yes, I know the book is not historically accurate, and yes, Cleopatra may or may not have been as likable in real life versus in this book. I am also aware that court politics is incredibly complex and blah blah blah, tyvm. But as a kid, I didnt care (and I still kind of dont): I picked up this book to read a good story, not to write a report on Ancient Egypt. Besides, the world the author portrayed was gorgeous, and most importantly it left a lingering sweetness in my mind for anything Ancient Egypt.

This was one of the most enjoyable books Ive read as a kid. Highly recommended for the younger audience.
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Makai Ouji: Michael ~ Sparks ~


Having subjugated 72 demons beneath his will as well as furthering knowledge of the supernatural and bringing great prosperity to his kingdom. Solomon was blessed with wisdom by God, though soon turned away from the righteous past to delight in the company of demons. Solomon appears as a very youthful looking man. He has blond hair and green eyes. His voice is calm, even when Dantalion addresses him harshly. As a king, he wears large robes and a hair decoration pulling back his bangs.

Dantalion (Makai Ouji: devils and realist)

An anime adaptation was animated by Doga Kobo and aired from July 7, to September 22, England , Seventeen-year-old William Twining, a genius aristocrat , learns of his family's bankruptcy and finds his life suddenly turned upside down when he accidentally summons a demon in his family's basement while looking for money to pay for his tuition. The demon, Dantalion , reveals to William that he is the "Elector" — the one who can choose the interim ruler over Hell as its emperor, Lucifer , rests to regain his strength — and a descendant of King Solomon , who had powers over demons known as his seventy-two pillars. William, who is a scientific realist , does not believe in demons and refuses to become involved with the power struggle in Hell. However, Dantalion stays close to William and decides to go to his school until he is chosen to be the interim king. Dantalion is joined by Sytry and Camio, his fellow pillars and interim candidates, as they become attached to the reincarnation of their beloved master.

Dantalion is the 71st of Solomon's 72 pillars, although he was the first demon to be summoned and make a contract with him. He holds the title Grand Duke of Hell and commands 36 legions. He is a Nephilim followed by two bat familiars, Amon and Mamon. Additionally, he is a candidate to succeed the throne during Lucifer's slumber; representing Astaroth's faction. Dantalion is a tall male with dark hair carefully parted towards the right in a messy fashion. He has crimson eyes red-violet in the anime and piercings on each of his ears, which so happen to be pointed. He wears a dark, red, white, and black tunic with a tattered cape in his usual attire.

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  1. Dantalion (ダンタリオン Dantarion) is the 71st of Solomon's 72 pillars, although he was the first demon to be summoned and make a contract with him. He holds.

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