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switch by chip heath and dan heath

Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath

Why is change so difficult and frightening? How do you create change when you have few resources and no title or authority to back you up? Chip and Dan Heath, the best-selling authors of Made to Stick, are back with a ground-breaking book that addresses one of the greatest challenges of our personal and professional lives — how to change things when change is hard.

In their follow-up book to the critically acclaimed international bestseller Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath talk about how difficult change is in our companies, our careers, and our lives, why change is so hard, and how we can overcome our resistance and make change happen. The Heaths liken the human mind to two distinct entities — the animal mind, or what psychologist Jonathan Haidt calls the elephant, and the logical brain, which Haidt describes as the rider. The elephant is instinctive; it acts on emotion. It likes gorging on Oreos and sleeping in. And it loves routines — doing things the same old way, every day.

The rider is the planner and thinker. The rider obsesses about the future. He or she wants to stop eating junk food and stop hitting the snooze button. But it’s hard, because when the rider and elephant disagree on where to go, the rider usually loses. And that describes the essential tension between our primitive emotional brain and our high intellect, and helps to explain why changing how we behave is so difficult. The secret to making a switch is understanding this odd couple relationship. Direct the Rider. Motivate the Elephant. Shape the Path.

Throughout Switch, Chip and Dan Heath illustrate and explain situations in which sweeping change was adopted, from a university researcher who ended the cycle of child abuse in a group of families, to an entrepreneur who turned his skeptical employees into customer service zealots and saved his company.

In the tradition of Made to Stick, Blink, and Outliers, Switch is filled with engaging and entertaining stories of how companies and individuals have brought about and sustained significant change. An indispensable guide to making change happen, it is certain to become a classic.
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Video Review for Switch by Chip and Dan Heath

Episode 8 preview: Chip Heath on changing healthcare when change seems impossible

This month, on the second episode of season two, we welcome American business guru and bestselling author Chip Heath to the podcast. Chip is a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, teaching courses on business strategy and organizations. With his business background, Chip will help us translate great ideas into the hands-on practice of fixing American healthcare. At Stanford, Chip has taught courses on organizational behavior, negotiation, international management and social entrepreneurship. The Elephant And The Rider. Psychologist and researcher Jonathan Haidt first wrote of the elephant and the rider model. In order to get the rider and elephant moving in the same direction, Chip says, you need to do three things: direct the rider, motivate the elephant and shape the path.

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