New adventures of batman and superman

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new adventures of batman and superman

Batman and Superman Adventures: Worlds Finest by Paul Dini

Novelization of an animated movie by the same title (which originally aired as three episodes of Superman Adventures Animated Series). If youve seen the episodes or the movie, you dont really need to read this, as this is a shortened version of the movie, with only very slight deviations in dialogue, and only one tiny extra scene between Bruce and Alfred. Some characters clothing colors differ from the ones seen on screen, especially the terrorists from the plane that have a very different look in here. Also, the awesome voice talents from the movie add a lot of additional meanings and humor to the dialogues, which you dont get if you just read them written, as in this comic.

What I liked about this graphic novel is that even if the scenes are the same as in the movie, they are shown from an opposite angle, so you kind of get to see the other half of all the scenes.

In short, the movie is really awesome, a must-see, so if you have a chance between seeing it or reading the story in this graphic novel, definitely watch it first, then youll be able to understand and appreciate this graphic novel better too.
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The All New Batman/Superman Adventures intro

The piece is signed by Erik Doescher. Will ship flat.
Paul Dini

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Okay, I normally avoid cartoons as far as crossovers and spin offs are concerned. It just gets too ugly. Hanna Barbera for example will have just about any character meet any other character just for the hell of it. And then there was the Scooby Doo Movies show where Scooby teamed up with everyone under the sun: from real people like Sonny And Cher to super heroes like Batman and Robin. In general I try to steer clear of that area - that way madness lies. But there are exceptions to every rule.

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Kill Bill: Vol. Sign in. Harley Quinn tries to impress her love while the origin of her career as The Joker's sidekick is revealed. Batman and his allies apparently have their secret identities exposed and are now are hunted by the police. Dick Grayson reveals to his successor the secret of the strained relationships with his mentor and Barbara Gordon. Can Julia Louis-Dreyfus make history once again?

It aired from — on Kids' WB. Each half-hour episode in the hour-and-one-half block featured either a single repeat from the original Superman: The Animated Series run, the original Batman: The Animated Series run, or a brand new story featuring Batman made specifically for this series, drawn in an animation style to match Superman: The Animated Series. These new stories focus more on Batman's supporting cast and introduced new characters such as Tim Drake. The two animated universes were united in the Superman episode "World's Finest", which tells the story of Batman and Superman's first meeting. New Superman episodes that later aired in the Fall season and onward are now considered to be the third season of Superman: The Animated Series.

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