Should animals be used in sports and entertainment

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should animals be used in sports and entertainment

Animal Rights Quotes (366 quotes)

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Published 13.01.2019

Should Animals Be Used for Science?

Should human beings be allowed to use other animals as objects of All forms of sport and entertainment that exploit non-human animals.

Animals in Sports and Entertainment

Animals should be used for sport and entertainment, as that is one of their chief purposes here on this Earth. We should not bemoan this, but rather celebrate and embrace it. Animals are here for human's amusement, it's what God himself said, and it's nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever. Entertainment: providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. Having a pet provides you with amusement or enjoyment, Does it not? And pets are animals. A dog is a man's best friends, So if animals can't be used for entertainment, We can't have pets.

They are animals

Outside of the meat and dairy industries, nowhere are the direct abuses, exploitation, and killing of non-humans more overt than in animal fighting. The cruelty on display has been specifically cultivated by the participants for increased violence and profit. Animals are bred, abused, starved, and mistreated so as to produce heightened levels of aggression and pathology.

They were made to be hunted and killed for our amusement don't have a smart enough brain to say what they want. When animals start to build cars then I will listen till then animals should always be hunted. God created them to be used for our benefits and I say we play with and then kill them. In my opinion, animals are definitely inferior and less intelligent than humans. We eat animals, ride horses for recreation, make oxen plow the fields, and interbreed species such as a lion and a tiger to get a liger just because they attract visitors to zoos.

Jump to navigation. Animals today are still a huge part of the sport and entertainment industries. Cultural traditions such as fox hunting and bull fighting, as well as horse and dog racing in the sporting world, not to mention animals performing tricks at circuses, are all examples of how we take advantage of animals simply for our own entertainment. Opinion has always been divided about the way we treat and use animals for food or to test products but their involvement within our entertainment industry seems to have been overlooked. It has been a popular sport in Spain for many years and is considered a normal activity just like going to watch a football match. In Spanish culture it is a symbolic and respected event. On the other hand, some people believe the way the bull is treated is distressing for the animal.

All the Yes points: All forms of sport and entertainment that exploit non-human animals should be banned; animals, like It is very easy to take up the opposition's challenge to provide concrete examples of cruelty to ani Horses and dogs are among the principle victims of exploitation in human sporting activities. The m The circus is another arena in which human beings abuse other animals.

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