Relationship between data structure and algorithm

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relationship between data structure and algorithm

Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ by Adam Drozdek

Building on widespread use of the C++ programming language in industry and education, this book provides a broad-based and case-driven study of data structures -- and the algorithms associated with them -- using C++ as the language of implementation. This book places special emphasis on the connection between data structures and their algorithms, including an analysis of the algorithms complexity. It presents data structures in the context of object-oriented program design, stressing the principle of information hiding in its treatment of encapsulation and decomposition. The book also closely examines data structure implementation and its implications on the selection of programming languages.
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Introduction to Big O Notation and Time Complexity (Data Structures & Algorithms #7)

Data Structure is a way of collecting and organising data in such a way that we can perform operations on these data in an effective way.
Adam Drozdek

Discovering Relationships between Data Structures and Algorithms

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Algorithm, then data structure

Algorithm is a step-by-step procedure, which defines a set of instructions to be executed in a certain order to get the desired output. Algorithms are generally created independent of underlying languages, i. Not all procedures can be called an algorithm. There are no well-defined standards for writing algorithms. Rather, it is problem and resource dependent. Algorithms are never written to support a particular programming code.

Computer Science encompasses theoretical and practical approaches to computation. Why Do They Go Together? During the design of a system, before the algorithms are written and before the data structures are sketched out, we must first identify the kinds of objects we need and how they should behave. Some terminology would be nice here. Surprisingly, not everyone agrees on official terminology. A data type is a type together with operations.

There is no denying that the computer is one of the greatest inventions of all time. In fact, it is now quite difficult to imagine a world without computers or, to be more precise, the uses and benefits that computers offer. To say that computers have made lives easier would be an understatement. In fact, we can readily rattle off several areas where computers play a major role in solving problems or providing solutions to make tasks easier and actually doable. However, there are those who would refute the benefits of using a computer, stating that, instead of making their lives easier, it actually added more complexity to things, resulting in errors, mistakes, and unsatisfactory output. Worse, these shortcomings is likely to have an impact on major decisions. Certainly, one of the core functionalities and benefits of computers is in data management, from collecting raw data and processing them into information, to their storage and even up to the point where they will have to be retrieved to be used for one purpose or another.

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