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sharon lee and steve miller

Liaden Universe Series by Sharon Lee

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Published 12.01.2019

ZNB Presents an Interview with Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Liaden universe

W hen Balance of Trade was released in October , it's quite likely that only Lee and Miller's most ardent fans read the novel. After all, it was in ebook format and no one knows better than I what a hard sell that technology is. Moreover, it sent the Liaden series in a new direction that some of its long-time readers might not have been ready for: it expanded the Liaden universe and left behind Shan and Val Con and the other members of Clan Korval, who have enthralled readers since the first novels of the series now collected together in Partners in Necessity. But it's time to put aside such concerns and enjoy this glorious new incarnation of Jethri with the wide, fascinating array of new characters expanding an already amazing universe by elaborating its past. Of course, the gorgeous new cover by Donato may be more than enough to draw in new readers. That's the power and impact of Donato's artwork, but there is even more artistry between the covers. As most of the Liaden Universe novels focus on the highest ranking members of the Clans, readers of the series might assume that all members of these families are rich and powerful.

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  1. For those who indulge, the eARC of ACCEPTING THE LANCE, the the 22nd Liaden Universe® novel, created and co-written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, .

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  3. The Liaden universe is the setting for an ongoing series of science fiction stories written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. The series covers a considerable time.

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