Who invented basketball and when

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who invented basketball and when

The Man Who Invented Basketball: James Naismith and His Amazing Game by Edwin Brit Wyckoff

Ive heard the peach basket basketball origin story a thousand times, but I hadnt heard that Naismith based the game on a memory of playing duck on a rock as a kid. One player would put a fist sized rock on a bigger rock and the boys threw stones at it to knock it off and avoid the guard to get their rock back if they missed. There are lots of nice archival photos of Naismith and early basketball memorabilia in this easy to read biography. One photo of Naismiths gymnastics team makes me glad I get to watch the muscular guys who compete now on my large HDTV instead of his Rubanesque colleagues. ;)
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History of Basketball Documentary

Who Invented Basketball?

James Naismith was the Canadian-born physical education instructor who, inspired by a teaching assignment and his own childhood, invented basketball in He was the physical education teacher at McGill University to and moved to Springfield, Massachusetts in to work at the Y. International Training School, which later became Springfield College. Under the direction of American physical-education specialist Luther Halsey Gulick, Naismith was given 14 days to create an indoor game that would provide an "athletic distraction" for a rowdy class through the brutal New England winter. His solution to the problem has become one of the most popular sports in the world, and a multi-billion dollar business. Struggling to develop a game that would work on wooden floors in an enclosed space, Naismith studied sports like American football, soccer , and lacrosse with little success. A horizontal goal, then, was what I was looking for, and I pictured it in my mind," he said.

James Naismith was a Canadian-American sports coach and innovator. He invented the game of basketball in , and he is also credited with designing the first football helmet. He penned the first basketball rulebook, and established the basketball program at the University of Kansas. Naismith has been given numerous posthumous honors for his contributions to the world of sports. He died in Kansas on November 28, , at the age of He married Maude Evelyn Sherman in in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the couple had five children. He became an American citizen in

Who invented basketball? The game of basketball originated in December by a Canadian born man by the name of James Naismith. He was required to train young men to become instructors at newly opened YMCA centres. With the cold weather keeping the class indoors, in December , Naismith was asked by the schools Superintendent of Physical Education, Dr. Gulick, to create an indoor game that would keep the young men active during the cold winter months. Upon this request, Naismith nervously set out to create a game that his class would enjoy.

James Naismith November 6, — November 28, was a Canadian-American [1] physical educator, physician, Christian chaplain , sports coach, and innovator.
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And the players score points by throwing the ball through horizontal hoops at an elevated height. James Naismith is credited with inventing the hoops game. Around that period, physical education was a relatively new and unpopular discipline. It was taught by Luther Halsey Gulick, who is today regarded as the father of recreations and physical education in the US. To help them burn the energy they have built for staying inactive, all the gymnasium class offered to them was calisthenics, marching, apparatus work, etc. A faculty meeting was conducted to find a solution to the restlessness expressed by the students.

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