Lewis and clark animals they found

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lewis and clark animals they found

Washington Quotes by Ron Chernow

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Plant and Animal Discoveries

Lewis and Clark expedition encountered plants and species and subspecies of animals new to science [ citation needed ]. Lewis lost the notes about the specimens but analyses and detailed scientific descriptions of the specimens were performed by others. Lewis hired Frederick Pursh in Rhode Island to review the plant collection and describe and publish the results, which Pursh did in Lewis described and published none of the plants he collected in the Western Americo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

Lewis and Clark expedition encountered plants and species and subspecies of animals new to Discovered (for the first time by European Americans). Black-tailed . We Proceeded On. Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.
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Lewis And Clark Animal Discoveries

Johnsgard, courtesy of the University of Nebraska Press. Permission to reproduce is required. Note: These images are courtesy of the American Philosophical Society library. Toggle navigation. Bison, adult male.

Lewis and Clark became the first scientists to document the natural history of the American West. They were careful and accurate observers, and the experts of the time had trained Lewis in natural history and the methods of collecting samples of plants and animals. From St. Louis up the Missouri River, over the Continental Divide, down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean and back again, they recorded plants and animals previously unknown to science. Many of their other observations contributed additional information to scientific knowledge. Today, the U.

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  1. Animals During the expedition, Lewis and Clark documented the discovery of new species of animals.

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